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In 2017, bitcoin increased by 1339%. How could you get 6 times more?

Unexpected appearance of a crypto currency for a mass user. In fact, they have existed for more than a year, but all this time they were rather the lot of computer geeks and illegal elements. However, it was in 2017 that they emerged from the shadow of a sharp increase in market capitalization and the rate of the crypto currency itself. Thanks to this, many people paid attention to this type of currencies, including those who are relatively far from modern technologies.Growth bitcoin

In connection with all the above circumstances, many now fall into three groups:

  1. bite their elbows, not in time to sell the more expensive currency;
  2. rejoice in profits;
  3. watch and figure out how much they could earn.

For the last group, this article is intended.


So, as of January 1, 17, the rating of the most popular crypto-currencies on the currency exchange looks:

As it becomes clear from the table presented above, the market for crypto-currency has undergone significant changes this year. There are stunning highs (NEM with their growth rate of 26 thousand percent), and distressing depositors of the fall (the only crypt from the top 20 with a negative increase in the rate of E-DinarCoin). However, in general, the leaders of the rating showed stable growth and strengthening of the rate.

Possible causes and competent investments

Naturally, in this connection, a quite natural question arises: what happened and why did some of these currencies become so expensive? There are several reasons.

First, legalization played a significant role in strengthening their role. The pioneer in this field was Japan, which at the state level consolidated their role as a legal accounting unit. After them, and some other states, retail chains and companies turned their attention to them. In part, you can even say that the Russian Federation influenced the course with the November apologies received from Sberbank for the shortage of video cards for mining and not only in the domestic market.

Secondly, the exchange traders turned their attention to the crypto-currencies. This circumstance has increased the inflow of investments into this sphere even more. Many have argued this way: “if enough influential investors started investing, then what am I worse?”. And with relative luck and calculating the course jumps here can give a considerable profit.Bitcoin growth

All this together increases the public’s confidence in coins.

«If on January 1, 2017 users invested $ 2,000 only in bitcoin, their profit would be $ 19,261.

If they would distribute the same $ 2,000 to the top 20 Crypto-currency at that time for $ 100 each, their combined profit would be $ 115,834. This is six times more»

Those who made their investments more targeted, could get a lot more. For example, in Ethereum or Nem, with an investment of $ 2,000, they could receive a net profit of $ 178,656 and $ 522,621, respectively. That is, with the right choice, you can earn even much more than when spraying by area or contribution to the most popular Bitcoin crypto currency.