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Active ICO, which did not inspire confidence in our analysts

The prospect of earning a profit of a thousand percent from the participation of ICO is very tempting – he invested a hundred thousand, and in a few months he received several million. But the problem is that the market has a lot of raw, unreliable, incomprehensible, unfinished projects that either do not want, or just can not yet give their investors the profit that depositors count.

ICO fraud, who should not trust their money
ICO fraud, who should not trust their money

Our professional analytical department selects prospective ICOs. But to find one worthy project, you have to check and work out dozens of other options. According to our data, only 4% of ICO justify investors’ expectations.

In this article, we decided to share with you those projects that, for various reasons, did not inspire confidence in our investors and the analytical department. It is possible that some of these projects will be “shot”, but personally we will not invest in them. We explain why.

Projects that combine many suspicious features

Midex is a crypto bank that uses blocking technology. In fact, the “project” combines everything you can think of:

  1. Exchange;
  2. trust management based on neural networks;
  3. ATM network;
  4. Venture fund and this list can be continued.

The first thing that immediately caught my eye: ICO goes before it reaches $ 50 million, provided: that there is no WhitePaper, there is no information about the team (even photos); it is impossible to contact the team (the telegram-channel is empty, the twitter is blocked), provided that the first “stage” of the collection has reached and the results should appear. But the most important is that the account from which tokens are sent to investors contains only 7 transactions, provided that they collected “7 million dollars”.

  1. TerraMiner – project for investing in mining farms. The team has no officially confirmed background, including no one who speaks a foreign language. Many twisted views on YouTube and negative reviews. There is information that all persons are fake. There is also a risk of a ban on mining in China, which will lead to the curtailment of the project.
  2. NAGA is a decentralized exchange project. The company exists no more than 2 years. The team does not have proven experience in this field, and most specialists seem fictitious. The project focuses on holding an IPO (attracted only 4 million euros) and the shares have already shown a return of 400% (only after the announcement of the ICO). HardCap – $ 200 million. It promises to show guaranteed yield and exponential growth of the token.

Projects-altruists, with tokens of which it is not clear what to do

Sosnovkin is a project that attracts funding for construction in the ecologically safe area of Novosibirsk. The project promises a guaranteed yield of 300% from the purchase of ICO and guarantees a quarterly payment of dividends.

Projects that collect too much money

  1. BeEasy – a project that aggregates several services: mining, asset management and exchange. At the current Bitcoin exchange rate (about $ 10,000), the project wants to attract about $ 300 million. Based on the experience of the team and the concept of the project – the amount is not rational and, even if attracted, will be inefficiently spent.
  2. Zkylos is a project that simplifies the process of registering dogs. The project is trying to raise $ 15 million dollars without having a fully developed project and an experienced team.ICO skam

Projects with a team that does not trust us

  1. Crypterium is a mobile service designed to pay for goods and services using crypto currency. The young team does not inspire confidence, as you can see how it “shines” in social networks, removes an office in Moscow City. From this follows the likelihood of inefficient distribution of funds.
  2. Mirocana is a self-learning system of forecasts in the financial markets, based on machine learning. The team has no relevant experience, this raises concerns about spending (hardcap 130000 ETH)

Projects with an underdeveloped concept

  1. Crypterium is a mobile service designed to pay for goods and services using crypto-currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum). At a growing price, the crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) and, most importantly, the long term of the transactions, it is not clear who will pay them.
  2. Demeter is a platform that allows farmers and buyers to interact directly. The concept resembles LavkaLavka. The main problem: the scalability of the project, which reduces the quality of service.

The analytical department of Cryptobotany conducts analysis on its scoring model. In this article, we have shared only the obvious signs of some projects that are immediately evident even to a professional. There for, if you are looking for an ICO, pay attention to the signs that we indicated above.