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Active ICO-projects, in which we decided not to invest (01/11/2018)

We continue the review of active ICO, in which we did NOT participate. It is likely that these ICOs may be profitable or even profitable for their investors, but personally we will not invest in them. Read the risks of each project, why we did not invest in the.

Active ICO-projects
Active ICO-projects


IndaHash is an international platform for advertising companies. The platform is an intermediary between the opinion leader and the advertiser, since not all opinion leaders (bloggers) are ready to officially document the advertising campaign, and large corporations need this.


Tokenization of opinion leaders is good marketing for IndaHash.


  1. A vague definition of the problem that the platform decides.
  2. The solution to the scalability problem of the Ethereum network is not indicated.
  3. On the platform will remain the ability to pay for the currency. As a consequence, corporations have no reason to switch to a token (there may be problems with taking into account, volatility)
  4. The team does not allocate tokens, which makes one think about the interest in the development of the project.


Ntok is a decentralized learning platform that connects the teacher and the student. The project is based on the Tutor Ninja platform.


  1. There are no advantages compared to the original platform.
  2. Capitalization is inflated for this project. More large-scale projects collect less money.
  3. Blurry Roadmap, no expansion markets are indicated.
  4. 50% non-blocking bonus for Pre-Sale, which can cause a drop in the value of the token.
  5. The portfolio of the venture fund in which the team worked. The volume of investments since 2012 is $ 50 thousand dollars (from open data) and all investments are dated in 2013.


Best ICO-projectsSmartvalley is an analog icobox with a similar concept, but the function of decentralized scoring with the help of experts is added. The system is the same: voting, selection, buying at a discount.


The founders do not inspire confidence, since they have been working together for a long time and know each other (the previous joint project of ICOLab was abandoned), the consultant is the founder of ICOLab, the project manager is also the founder of ICOLab.

The address of receipt of funds for each unique – you can not track the actual situation with fees.

All links of partners (hitbtc, okex, youbit, livecoin) which are indicated on the site are non-working.

The financial model specified in Whitepaper is not applicable to these projects: first, the revenue approach should be used only with well-forecasted revenues, and secondly, the team uses the fcff indicator, which is unclear from what data it was obtained. It is not known whether the project pays taxes, whether it has capital investments and net working capital.


Play2Live is a decentralized streaming platform for gamers and eSports lovers. There will be 5 ways to earn money for e-sports fans: in viewing of advertising, voting, rates. Streamers can earn 11 ways.


  1. The audience of the site does not correspond to the number of participating in the testing of the alpha version.
  2. Capitalization of 30 million and a small community – can not, collect hardcap, which in the future will lead to a small demand for tokens.
  3. The team has experience of conducting ICO (negative profitability).

The analytical department of Cryptobotany conducts analysis on its scoring model. In this article we have shared only the obvious “red flags” on current projects. If you are looking for ICO for investment, pay attention to such things yourself or contact us for advice. Our nearest open online master class on investing in ICO will be held very soon. Click on this link to take part in it.