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Beaxy – best exchange of crypto currency

In this fast progression of the digital environment, we can’t be denied that it will also be affected the financial areas. Trading, cryptocurrency, investment, and exchange platform become words that will familiar to our daily needs to manage our assets. While the gigantic community of crypto market continues to grow, there is a need for such an easy access platform yet user-friendly, that can answer the problem of crypto market needs.Beaxy

Introducing: Beaxy

Beaxy is an exchanger that provides solutions for the cryptocurrency community to be able to perform the sale and purchase activities conveniently. Beaxy will present bring some revolution of user experience when they exchange cryptocurrency with FIAT. Beaxy will support a more complete FIAT currency as well as a more complete cryptocurrency exchange and other advantages. Needless to say, the current cryptocurrency bursa needs to be revolutionized and the answer is Beaxy. Beaxy will be able to support a very high market movement in order to enjoy safe and pleasant cryptocurrency exchange service. Beaxy will be able to process millions of transactions in seconds, that means, a transaction will be completed in a matter of 0.0001  ms.

Beaxy will be the only all in one platform (AIO) that supports the exchange of cryptocurrency with the currency of all FIAT currencies. The user interface in suguhkan will be guided by the existing logo, which is rocket and transparent, which means the user will get a responsive face and fast and transparent. This will be the solution for those who want to do FIAT deposit which in some exchanger often experience pending problem until waiting time to days so the deposit is true in declaring success. Beaxy will no longer make the user’s concerns great, because once they make a FIAT deposit, then within seconds, FIAT will successfully enter the wallet deposit and be ready to spend with cryptocurrency.

Beaxy is formed with the aim of being an easy-to-use AIO cryptocurrency exchange. Beaxy wants to facilitate all walks of life, when he wants to know the world of cryptocurrency deeper. Beaxy will make it easier for them to buy cryptocurrency with FIAT. With features of modern features, Beaxy deserves the title of smart platform for cryptocurrency investors. Accompanied by a high level security system, Beaxy will dispel the public’s doubt about the assets of Beaxy.

Meet the Beaxy

Like what has been said before, the cryptocurrency world needs a platform or can be called as a shop that will give the best user experienced to fulfil their daily needs. To converting their cash into cryptocurrencies, managing and securing their wallets, and to moving coins from one exchange to another. And this is the Beaxy’s duty. Beaxy will shorten the time to execute the big amount of orders in less than a millisecond. Although represented by its logo that suggests the sleek and elegant experience for a user, Beaxy also contains many mechanisms on the inside that will help both professional traders and beginner traders.

The company have a vision that all in one exchange that offered by Beaxy will give the easy to use experience for all the beginner on cryptocurrencies community, but also have the high-class financial features for professional investors and the security that is needed by all the agent of the financial world.

Beaxy Token

The Beaxy Token will be the sale on the 1st of June 2018. 100 million of Beaxy coins (BXY) will be served, and 60 million will be available during the ICO. The Beaxy Token offer multiple function and advantages through the platform, like a loyalti rewards program, 50% reduced rate when paying with BXY tokens, and using the token to make opinion to heard and voted in the community polling. When the crowdfunding successfully completed, the tokens will be transferred, but the token supply will be limited during the crowdfunding period.


 Beaxy was born in the third quarter of 2017 and then continue at the fourth quarter of 2017 for ICO announcement. On the first quarter of 2018, KYC portal goes live and in the second quarter of 2018 the company releasing the demo version of ICO. The official launch of Beaxy platforms is held on the third quarter of 2018, the company also starting the process of Obtaining licences for fiat currency support.

This process continues until the last quarter of 2018, on this last quarter the company also enabling the public API and alert tool. Entering 2019, the company continue to develop the program like analyzing the chart, volume, and drawing tools.

On the second and third quarter of 2019, the company launched the mobile application and published it in the app store. And in the last quarter of 2019, the company focusing on fiat integration, instant deposit, and over the counter.



The founding father of Beaxy is Artak Hamazaspyan. He is already known by his experience in C#, ASP.NET MVC, WebForms, C++, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, ExtJS and many other JS based libraries with databases, such as SQL Server, MySQL, Cassandra, Redis, Memcache, and MongoDB. Beside a trader, Artak also a miner.

This combination of profession make him had a great understanding to answer the challenges and obstacle that will be facing the company. Beside Artak, Beaxy also built up from a super team that had a great different expertise.Team


Loyalty Program

One can get a share of the exchange fee of cryptocurrency that occurs on the Beaxy platform by storing BXY coins on the Beaxy platform. As much as 20% of the exchange fee will be allocated for the token holder and this prize will never suffer a decline in the amount forever.

Coin Staking

Someone with BXY tokens, will get more benefits, He will get a discount when doing a cryptocurrency exchange, System tier, will allow staking BXY there will be different levels different. The highest tier, will have the possibility

24/7 Support

Beaxy’s superiority to other cryptocurrency exchanges is the availability of support teams within 24 hours online. Support team comes from several languages, so it can be easier in helping the users. Someone can directly chat, on the Live Chat feature available.

Refferal Program

Earn 10% of transaction fees made by your friends you refer to using Beaxy as their favorite cryptocurrency stock. Your friend will get a 20% transaction fee discount for the first two months.

FIAT Deposit

Ease of deposit using FIAT currency. All verified users can deposit various FIAT currencies quickly. Supports transactions using Wire transfer and ACH.


IP Address will be saved and made whitelist. Everyone who will try to login with a different IP Address, he will not be able to enter, so hackers will not be able to enter and will not be able to control user accounts.


With modern technology, Beaxy will be able to accommodate and process exchange transactions on the exchanger in just seconds. Databases from Beaxy work on low latency, will be supporters to make users more comfortable.

Mobile App

Beaxy will be easily accessible to anyone anywhere through their Smart Phone (iOS and Android). Users can also enjoy features such as price alarms, orderbook notifications and more.

ICO Launch Platform

Beaxy makes it easy for developers who want to hold ICO. They do not have to pay for the cost of handling KYC participants. In addition, developers will also be easily in the token listing on the exchanger.

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