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Bitcoin casino cheating or real earnings

Do you know that you can play in an online casino, bet and get a crypto currency? Moreover, bitcoin in this respect is even more profitable than most other variants, because there is no problem in withdrawing funds. Operators do not need to avoid various prohibitions. Therefore, if you got not only pleasure from the game, but also a good amount, now you can rejoice in the winnings within a few minutes after the registration of the application.Bitcoin casino cheating or real earnings

How did bitcoin influence online casinos?

In the Russian Federation and in Ukraine online casinos are prohibited. This says not only that you will have to play with the change of IP, but also that the cash prize can not be so easily obtained. And the reason is not in the casino. Simply, operators have to bypass quite a large number of prohibitions.

But the advent of the online casino to bitcoin has changed a lot. Crypto currency can not be tracked. Therefore, the difficulties have disappeared: you can make bets, win (if lucky) and get money on the account after 5 minutes. This is one of the advantages of bitcoin in action.

As a result, the demand for bitcoin casino is constantly growing. This is beneficial not only for operators, but also for the players themselves, because their revenues are not monitored. However, small potential risks in terms of possible problems with the law in the future are still worth considering.

Reviews Bitcoin Casino

Today, more and more classic online casinos accept crypto currency. And since bitcoin is the most popular option, it’s easiest to bet with it. You will only need to transfer funds to your casino account after registration, enter data and wait for confirmation from the operator. The scheme is the same as in all other cases, when the games are already on money.

«In addition, there are special bitcoins of casinos that deal only with crypto currency. Their games are no different from all the others, the rules are usually the same”

So, which particular institutions are we talking about?

A typical casino with a traditional set: card games, roulette, lottery, video slots. The rate starts here with 0.000005 BTC. Very fast transaction. But to withdraw, as with many other casinos, you can only get what you got when playing for your money.

Casino, where there are games for all tastes. You are offered video slots, machine guns, as well as confrontation with other players, for example, there is a sea battle for money. Another win bitcoin can be in the “stone-scissors-paper.”

There are a lot of options, bitcoin here is the main currency. In addition to the standard set (roulette, poker, blackjack), there are also rare games. A trial account is created automatically when you visit the site.

One of the best places of its kind. It differs not only in a large set of games, but also with extremely friendly rules. At the first replenishment the player is entitled to a 100% bonus, there are special programs, often promotions are held.

In general, different casinos that take bitcoin, very much. And literally every month they become even more. So you can choose a suitable institution just like any other virtual casino: by the size of the bet, by what games are represented, and so on.Bitcoin casino

Additional opportunities to earn bitcoin in the casino

To play in a casino, certainly, is extremely fascinating. However, these institutions offer you to get the crypto currency in another way. For example, to make a bet not within the limits of the game, but on what will end this or that sports meeting.

Such an opportunity is provided in the institutions, and others. If you like to follow boxing or football, make predictions, and if they often come true, then the casino is given a chance to make good money.

In addition, there are options when bitcoin will drip into the account even for the drive of people. True, only if they start to play for real bets. Not a bad affiliate program at, for example.

A few tips from experienced players

Games are very tight, and some of the crypto currency is still “not real”, especially if it was not received for real money.

And if you won the bitcoins, but do not know what to do with them further, bring them out. To do this, there are automatic and manual exchangers, as well as the opportunity to buy real currency for bitcoins through the exchange.