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How to buy bitcoins with card of Sberbank?

Among all currently existing cryptocurrency, bitcoin is considered one of the most reliable, liquid and expensive electronic monetary units in the world. The process of Bitcoin generation is carried out by means of mining, when as a result of complex mathematical actions, interconnected blocks with a unique cryptographic signature are created, for which the miner receives a reward in bitcoins.

Bitcoins savings Bank

Easiest way

What should an investor who does not want to waste time and effort on the extraction of crypto currency do in the above way? If you need electronic money, use a reliable and repeatedly proven method-make an exchange from Sberbank card to bitcoin, and you will receive the required amount within 15-25 minutes.

To implement this task, you must:

  1. Have a Sberbank card connected to the Internet banking system.
  2. Create a virtual bitcoin wallet (during the exchange you will need Its number).
  3. To know the address/password of your email.
  4. Have sufficient,for carrying out exchange operation, the sum of money in rubles, taking into account the
  5. Commission of the site-exchanger.

Pay attention! If you exchange Sberbank for Bitcoin for the first time, then you will be asked to go through the Bank card verification procedure. Its main goal is to make sure that you buy bitcoins from your card, and do not use someone else’s.

The procedure of exchange of rubles for bitcoins, using the card of Sberbank

Consider how to exchange Sberbank RUB to Bitcoin, consistently, taking into account all the nuances that may affect the result of this operation.

  • On the resource, which deals with conversion operations, you should choose the direction of the exchange, as well as specify the amount: how much you need to buy bitcoins or sell rubles.
  • Then, you must indicate your personal data: surname, name and patronymic name, the account card number, virtual wallet and e-mail address.
  • You will be offered to read the terms of cooperation and confirm your consent.
  • The next step is to transfer rubles to the exchanger account and receive bitcoins to your virtual wallet.

Performing the above actions, be sure to read the terms on which you are offered to make the exchange.

This will help to avoid serious troubles in case of some force majeure situations. In order not to fall into the trap of scammers, or not to make an exchange at a bad rate, we recommend viewing the Kurs It contains dozens of exchangers with which it is possible to work, both in automatic and manual mode.

Buy bitcoin through Sberbank

From the moment of debiting funds from your card to the transfer of bitcoins on a virtual wallet, usually takes about 15 minutes. But there are situations where this procedure is delayed for a few hours. In this case, you do not need to be nervous, write rough letters, etc., you just need to wait.

The algorithm of exchanging Bitcoin to Sberbank rub

The widespread use of bitcoins has led to increased interest in operations for the exchange of cryptocurrencies for rubles. After all, bitcoin is widely used in the official market sector, not only by underground traders, as it was 5-7 years ago. This, in turn, has led to the popularization and meaning of keeping their savings in a cryptocurrency that is not subject to inflation. To transfer the extracted Bitcoins into rubles on the Sberbank card, you will need a valid Sberbank card and an e-mail address.

The sequence of Bitcoin to rubles exchange (Sberbank card) includes the following steps:

  • On a specialized resource, the amount of bitcoins or rubles for exchange is selected.
  • You must provide information about yourself (name) and write in the designated graph number of the card of
  • Sberbank and email address.
  • Confirm operation of the exchange.
  • After bitcoin is credited, the recipient of the cryptocurrency “recalculates” the amount of rubles, which he must pay you (at the rate at the time of receipt of funds) and make a transfer to the Sberbank card.

Calculate the amount received during the transfer, both with and without Commission, you can use the calculators on the service Oh. Here you will find up-to-date and constantly updated information about the cryptocurrency market. All exchangers, which are presented on the resource are thoroughly tested and you can only choose one of them, which provides the most favorable rate.

A feature of the exchange of Bitcoin to Sberbank RU (or in the opposite direction) is the high dynamism of the cryptocurrency exchange rate. During a short period of time, bitcoin can not once rise in price / fall in price in relation to the ruble. This nuance should be taken into account, and do not rush to make a fuss or accuse the web resource of fraud, if you have transferred less money than promised.

Analyzing the issues of exchange of bitcoins for rubles (and in the opposite direction), it is necessary to pay special attention to the performance of these operations with the help of mobile devices. Modern gadgets allow you to exchange bitcoins for rubles, without filling in personal data and repeated confirmations of transactions. It is enough to take a photo of your QR-code and save it in the memory of your mobile device. If you need to exchange bitcoins, the code will allow you to do it quickly and without errors.

The factors that must be taken into account when conducting exchange operations

When exchanging bitcoins for RUR, Sberbank should take into account not only the rate of buying/selling cryptocurrencies, but also such points as the security of exchange servers, analysts ‘ forecasts about the change in the value of the cryptocurrency, the economic policy of the state, etc.

To avoid scams, use proven services and exchanges, such as and, which we mentioned above.

It is not necessary to carry out exchange operations on recently created sites, as well as on resources offering exchange rates that are very different from the average. Be sure to read the reviews of users who have experience of cooperation with this resource. If a serious increase in the bitcoin exchange rate is expected in the near future, then it makes sense to postpone the exchange of Bitcoin to Sberbank RUR to get more rubles. However, in addition to a lot of other factors, speculations of major players of the financial market can affect the value of the cryptocurrency, so it is difficult to predict it.