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Which coins are more profitable to mine in 2018

As the situation in the mining of cryptocurrencies is changing very quickly, the data mentioned in the article, the actual in the month of February. At the end of the month and in early March, the main indicators can change significantly.

Which coins are more profitable to mine in 2018

If we compare the February situation with the January characteristics of cryptocurrencies, much became different. However, the mining is still feeling OK, despite the serious drawdown of courses on the market the crypt. The yield on the graphics card is still decent enough. One day the miners receive up to 2.5 with an average of $ card type Geforce GTX 1060. But on ASIC – Ah, the situation is worse, the yield has declined from the recent $ 25 per day, and from one Antminer S9 to $ 12 per day from one miner. But this is a temporary phenomenon, and everything will return to its place as soon as the market unfolds again in the direction of growth.

Mining on the GPU

Profitable coins that are relevant today:

  1. Bitcoin Gold
  2. Ethereum
  3. Classic
  4. Cash
  5. Zencash

These cryptocurrencies demonstrate profitability for the past several months. This list does not contain another coin, which, although often shows a high yield, but it is most likely a temporary phenomenon, we are talking about the coin CrowdCoin. Today Crowdcon brings dividends, and tomorrow – no. The main recommendation for mining such coins with a small capitalization – mining and as soon as possible to exchange while the currency in the top. Can be, of course, and in long its dig and deferred, but only if you accurately confident that coin will grow in the future.

In the list of a little less interesting cryptocurrencies, but which can still be mined, the following coins:

  • Pearl.
  • Hush.
  • Ethereum Classic.
  • Ellaism.

Mining of the above coins should be only if the miner needs it for reasons beyond profitability.

Mining on ASIC

In the top:

  • Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin Cash.

On the ASIC miner under the Sha-256 algorithm, the above coins in February will be the most profitable and will be at the top constantly. These coins are beneficial to postpone, calculating profit for the period until the end of February. In addition, SHA-256 has slightly less profitable cryptocurrencies:

  • Universal.
  • Deutsche eMark.
  • Peercoin.

But in respect of them should take into account an important nuance. Universal, Deutsche eMark and Peercoin strongly “jump”. There are situations when they are in the obvious top, and the next day fail so much that they are almost invisible. And besides bitcoin and bitcoin cache, it is one of the strongest players in the market, and therefore it is profitable to postpone them in debt, receiving additional profit from the growth of the rate, which with higher coins will be ineffective.

As for the Antminer L3 and other ASICS on the algorithm Scrypt, in General, the situation is similar, it will be most interesting to mine Litecoin, as it will grow in the future, as for other coins such as DGB Scrypt, Florin, Einsteinium they also show a good profitability, but in the future not so interesting.

On the algorithm X11 in the top-Dash. In other cases, in the direction of X11 even not worth watching. At the moment the coins in this algorithm, bring in 3-4 times less than the coins under the SHA-256 and Scrypt, so now to consider the ASIC and under this algorithm is not necessary. And this despite the fact that now there can be strong falling of the crypts, before the fall of the yield gap reached 10 times.