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How to create bitcoin-purse on Webmoney?

If you have at least a formal certificate for Webmoney (or better – personal), you can create WMX. This is a purse to which a special address is attached. As a result, it is proposed to print such a crypto currency as bitcoin. To simplify the calculation, 1 WMX is equal to 100 thousand Satoshi.

How to create bitcoin-purse on Webmoney?

That is, in fact, the purse on webmoney is not a bitcoin purse. However, many perceive it as a crypto currency for Webmoney, because after its establishment the opportunities here are similar. Including for exchange within the system, as well as for output.

Why is this necessary?

Such a purse on webmoney suits many because it significantly simplifies operations. Often there is no need to go to the exchange separately. Someone saves on the commission, although if you are going to pay nothing at all, then after completing the application you will have to wait up to several days.

How to create a bitcoin purse inside the Webmoney system?

Go to your keeper, click on the “create” button. At the bottom of the list is the WMX purse. To finish the process, you need to refill it. If you have money to exchange within the system, say, rubles or dollars, then you can transfer them.

«However, pay attention to the course. At Webmoney it often, to put it mildly, unprofitable. At 1 WMX, you risk losing up to 2 rubles. At 1000 it will be, respectively, 2000 rubles approximately. And this is true with respect to exchange both from rubles to WMX, and from dollars. So it’s better to contact the exchange”

Experienced users advise those for whom bitcoin is serious, to get a whole list of services. And always look at the course. As a result, you will not lose anything except the commission for the fact of withdrawal from the system. But here you can save money if you are willing to wait a few days.

By the way, 1 bitcoin is 1 thousand WMX. But in general webmoney this ratio can vary. Therefore, it is best to check before replenishing the wallet.

How to use?

After replenishment, the purse WMX is completely at your disposal. On it, for example, you can transfer money from different bitcoins of purses. To do this, it is sufficient to indicate the corresponding data in the line “address for replenishment”. WMX has an address in BTC format. It is exactly the same as with any other purse of crypto currency on English websites.

How to create bitcoin-purse on Web

«If you do not want to wait for a very long time, specify a commission of 0.01 WMX. This is not so much, but it significantly speeds up the exchange process and other actions with the crypto currency”

What does the webmoney purse give?

As you can see, to exchange the purse Webmoney is not very suitable. The course is always unprofitable. Although if you are going to buy bitcoin, you can make good money. However, do not forget about the commission. On average, for 1 bitcoin, it will be somewhere around 3%. But what can Webmoney give that can not be obtained at the exchange?

Reliability. This system is very good with protection. In addition, you always know her address, other data, and you can be calm: your personal information will definitely not fall into the hands of scammers after performing operations. Some use a purse on webmoney to store there bitcoins. If desired, you can bind your WMX to the phone and confirm every SMS movement. As a result, the purse will be protected even more.

How to get bitcoin through webmoney?

If you have a crypto currency, you can go to the official website. Or, turn to Keeper Classic Win Pro on your computer. Both options are quite reliable. So, what needs to be done in the first case? You have to go to the site, wait for authorization, then look at the top of the menu. There is a special service for replenishing WMX, it significantly simplifies the life of users.

How to create bitcoin-purse on Web

The next stage you need to find the button “to introduce military technical cooperation”. After a special window is opened, it is called “replenishment”. There is a graph with the address, also it is necessary to look, what code the purse itself received. It also needs to be copied, after which you already go to the bitcoin wallet.

Here, too, you need to learn the top toolbar. There should be a button “Send money” in English. In the “where” field, insert the copied code. And, of course, the amount for withdrawal. After you have completed all of the above, confirm your actions.

«To bitcoin was credited to WMX purse, you need 6 confirmations. (And here at “extraction” through systems which are engaged in their working out, this quantity will increase to 120.)»

In general, the process itself is much simpler than its description. Yes, and time, short of waiting for confirmation, does not take much.

The second way is to use the program Keeper Classic Win Pro. Once he was somewhat safer, but now Webmani pays so much attention to protection issues that both options have become identical in this respect. So for the output you can refer to anyone, everything here rests on convenience.

So, you need to login. Do not forget to create a WMX purse! After that you need to configure it, for this you still need to go to the official site in the menu with the service of replenishment WMX. Here you will need the address information that received the wallet. It appears if you click on “get”. There will be a synchronization, further you can use the purse at your discretion.

When summarizing it is worth noting that to create a purse WMX is for reliability, security and convenience. The course here is not very large, but it is quite feasible to dispense with the commission, if you agree to wait. Many use such a purse as a kind of depository where the crypto currency is able to lie for years. In the end, according to individual forecasts, 1 military technical cooperation in the coming years can very much run away for a mark of 3.5 thousand dollars.