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How to earn bitcoins – 5 main ways

The emergence of e-currency, or bitcoins (btc) – the most important event in the financial field over the past decade. While economists are arguing what this crypto currency is: a special commodity or a means of payment, they strengthen their positions and continue their march through the planet.

bitcoins - 5 main ways

In just 3-4 years the rate for 1 bitcoin has grown more than 10 times and recently for the first time crossed the mark of 3000 dollars.

It is obvious that the increase in turnover and the growth of the btc rate is a serious phenomenon in the world of finance, despite the fact that the legal status and even the very essence of “digital gold” are not precisely defined.

The main feature of bitcoin is the lack of centralized management. In fact, this means that they can not be blocked or subordinated. Transactions are not monitored and can not be canceled, and the system itself is completely anonymous.

Is it possible to earn money on this?

Before considering the question of how to make bitcoins, we will determine why they are needed. What is the point in the currency, if it can not be cashed or exchanged for something valuable?

«Practice shows: despite its virtuality, these coins are practically full-fledged money with a constantly growing rate. Neither the dollar, nor the euro, nor other currencies rise in price the way btc recently appeared»

How to earn bitcoins?

There are 5 ways to generate income in this area; some of them are availble even to those who only yesterday learned about the crypto currency, others are suitable for professionals. It should be noted right away that basically we will talk about Satoshi – a tiny fraction of this currency, or more precisely, its 0.00000001 parts.

Bitcoin Cranes

This is one of the simplest and most common ways to earn bitcoins without investments and serious knowledge in this area;

Any novice can master it.

The essence of this method is reduced to the fact that a person goes to a special network resource and performs simple manipulations: looks through advertising, stuffs caches, etc., and the system charges him a certain amount of satosh. The main drawback of this method is that the amount of revenue will be very small. Crypto-cash cranes can serve as a good start in this area, besides, receiving Satosh will take just a few minutes.

Investing in “digital gold”

This is one of the most profitable articles for earning bitcoins, but experts recommend that you approach the issue carefully and invest no more than 8% of your portfolio. For investment, it is recommended to choose the so-called “blue chips” – products of companies with an impeccable reputation.

Mining Crypto-Currency

The essence of this method, whose name is literally translated as “mining of minerals,” is to create electronic money by generating its individual components on a computer that independently solves the specified mathematical problems.

Advantages of this approach: it can bring you a tangible income without requiring a permanent presence, and the downside is that it will require both a good processor with a video card, as well as certain knowledge of the technical field, as well as understanding the processes of information transfer via the Internet.

«In 2017, you will not be able to start mining alone from a regular computer: for this purpose, you need to purchase expensive equipment (in other words, create a farm) or use cloud services”

Investing in ICO and promising coins

It is important to remember that creating an ICO is easy, so there is a risk of losing funds. ICO is a kind of crowd-hosting, where some entrepreneurs offer you to invest in the development of your project and make a profit if it proves successful. Here you have to bet on a dark horse: you can pick the jackpot, but you can also easily lose.

Trading crypto currency

How to earn bitcoins - 5 main ways

The essence of any trading is simple: you need to buy cheaper and sell more. If you do not risk big funds, trading can be a good opportunity to find entry points to the market and test it. But when it comes to large amounts, it is better to leave this area to professionals.

Bitcoin Cranes:

Bitcoin earnings without attachments

Bitcoin-cranes will allow you to quickly get the first satoshi. If you are not ready to risk your capital and do not have sufficient knowledge to invest, trade, corner-funding or mining, then you probably will like this idea of ​​making bitcoins without attachments.

Many resources offer visitors to invest their time in performing simple manipulations: watch videos, drive crap, etc. – and in return to receive Satoshi.

Service thus increases its attendance and advertising revenue, and gives you the first steps towards financial prosperity. Registration on such resources is free and will not take you much time.

With all the similarity of such sites, there are differences between them, such as:

  1. the amount of possible income;
  2. an acceptable interval of time during which you can repeatedly perform the required action (from several minutes to 24 hours);
  3. schemes for calculating money to your account;
  4. availability of additional features, such as roulette, lotteries, various contests, etc.

To register on such sites, you just need to provide the address of your electronic mailbox and purse number. But earning in manual mode is very difficult; To solve this problem, you can use special programs that allow you to optimize and automate the process – such as Bitcoin Collector PRO v.4.0. This collector will allow you to receive electronic money from dozens of resources in an automatic mode.

There are many services for earning bitcoins, and they are all easily found on the Web.

How to actually earn bitcoins: step-by-step instruction

Start by registering your wallet – this is a free procedure that you can go to different sites. Please note that you will not be able to restore your account to log in to your wallet in the event that you lose your registration data, so we recommend that you take care of their safety.

After that you need to register on one or several resources and regularly perform the required actions, and also display and spend the received satoshs. The first profit can be obtained in just a few minutes. You can not get a large amount for one day: probably, at the very beginning, the bitcoins earnings from one service in terms of ordinary money will be only a few dollars, but this work will not take much time.

Tips for those who want to get more

If you do not have enough btc earnings, use the following tips:

  1. use the sites that will charge you satoshi for viewing ads;
  2. enter the affiliate program and earn, attracting as many friends and acquaintances as possible to the system;
  3. use a special program – collector;
  4. implement different methods of earning bitcoins.

This can not be called a magical way of generating income: you have to think, work, choose a clever strategy. Some people get here thousands of rubles a day, but they are not new to this business. Btc is a very real income opportunity on the Internet, which does not require dismissal from the main place of work; and over time it can bring you good financial results.