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Earnings on the Crypto-currency

The modern Internet network offers many different methods of earning, among which there is also rather unusual – profit from the crypto currency, which in 2017 acquired a special popularity among those who are striving to make their capital on the network. Already widespread in the world types of digital currencies such as Bitcoin are actively developing, and in addition there is a regular appearance of a variety of new types of tokens.

Earnings on the Crypto-currency

Many consider creep the gold of the future, so the question of how to make money on the crypto currency is becoming more relevant.

What is a crypto currency?

Crypto currency is a special type of electronic money, protected from fakes with a special code.

Currently, there are many options for earning this money, which in the future through exchangers can be transferred to electronic money and put on a card. The most common among them is Bitcoin (btc), which can be obtained in several ways:

  1. purchase online;
  2. exchange directly with private individuals;
  3. take as payment for goods / services.

To store the crypt, there are three options: installed on a personal computer offline wallet, application on the smartphone and an account online (most similar to the usual electronic wallets – WebMoney, Qiwi, etc.). On the one hand, it is almost impossible for an outsider to enter into any of these addresses. On the other hand, if you lose your password, you can automatically lose access to available finance.

Earnings on the Crypto-currency
Earnings on the Crypto-currency

The main advantages of crypto currency are:

  • There is no inflation – it is not affected by the policies of the state or a large manufacturing corporation. No external factors have direct influence on it, therefore it is believed that modern electronic money is much more reliable than real gold, and that in the future they will continue to develop and become more intensive.
  • There are no restrictions in transactions – this money can be transferred anywhere and to anyone. These transfers are not controlled, they can not be banned. For their implementation, a very small percentage of the transaction is withdrawn (depends on the speed of the transfer).
  • There are no counterfeits – bitcoins can not be faked, double spent or created duplicates. For this reason, today an increasing number of online stores agree to accept Bitcoin for payment.
  • The serious disadvantage of using crypto currency is that for the first half of 2017 the Russian state leadership does not approve it.

This is directly related to the fact that tokens are not regulated by anyone – it is impossible to control the decentralized nature of transactions. In addition, taxes are not paid from this large cash turnover, and the government clearly does not like it. At the same time, there will come a time when the authorities will make concessions, and by this moment the price for electronic moments will instantly grow. Therefore, the popularity of crypto currency is growing, how to make money – read on.

Earnings on the Crypto-currency

The main ways of earning a crypto currency

The most common option is to buy and sell bitcoins, as well as other forks for fiat money on online exchangers or trading exchanges. At the same time, it is possible to acquire not only one currency unit, but also a small part of it (for example, satosh). It’s enough to buy, wait for the price increase and sell (most traders in the trading process are actively using btc).

Invest the available capital in a special Trust Management (for example, in Alt-trade). Thus, dispose of your bitkoinami will be a professional, deducting a certain percentage of income (quite high).

Majnit – independently extract bitcoins with the help of hardware, a personal computer, or so-called farms – special devices designed specifically for such a process. Now there is a huge mass of services that offer functioning software for obtaining forks. A simple home PC will not bring a lot of dividends, so the best option is to purchase farms, but here you will definitely need the ability to understand in detail all the nuances, the complexities of mining. Ideal for computer users and system administrators.

To be engaged in cloud mining is analogous to the above method, but in this case it is not necessary to purchase equipment. Specialized services of cloud mining give you the opportunity to engage in leasing their computing power in the form of GH / s. These capacities generate a digital currency, and all that is required is to pay for generously consumed power.

Free bitcoins.

There are all kinds of bitcoin-sluices, cranes, distributors. On such sites there is an opportunity to purchase some part of one bitcoin on a gratuitous basis by entering captcha and attracting referrals. In addition, there are bitcoins of the game (for example, chopcoin), where they pay a little satoshi every 10 minutes.

  • Automated earnings btc without attachments
  • The process of obtaining bitcoins on a gratuitous basis, accordingly, without investing in it financial means, is extremely simple.
  • Its main snag is that it is necessary to introduce annoying captcha for a reward or to watch commercials at certain time intervals (an hour or two).

For the convenience of active users, today trying to figure out how to earn a crypto currency, there are sites with a lot of such offers to earn extra money. When all jobs are collected in one place, you can perform the task and immediately switch to the next.

The most popular sites for automated receipt of Bitcoin:

FREEBITCO.IN is one of the most famous, proven portals where you can buy bitcoins for free. The site has been running for a long time, hundreds of users have passed through it. Payments are made automatically once a week. To receive online money, you need to enter captcha. This should be done 1 time in 60 minutes. Money resources come from all kinds of advertising, the volume of which is exceptionally large. Therefore, worry about the solvency of the system is absolutely not worth it. For gambling “workers” a lottery is realized, with the help of which it is real how to improve one’s own financial position, and lose the latter. Beginners in the income btc should not indulge in this entertainment. When registering as a login, enter the address of the bitcoin-purse (accordingly, it must be started in advance). The rest of the information is intuitive and easy to fill.

CLAIMBTC – appeared relatively recently, but it was already able to establish itself among users as a reliable place for the collection of bitcoins. You can receive digital tokens every 20 minutes, while incentives and bonuses are provided for the most active participants in the system. So, the more often a service is visited, the more money you get on it, and with a daily input the amount of money can double. In the system there is no automatic output of the “currency of the future”, so you need to order it yourself. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20,000 Satoshi.


BOXBIT.CO.IN is a portal that differs significantly from the previous ones in the form of submission of material. Here you make money at the expense of entertainment. Satoshi “drip” every 10 minutes. To start the game, just click on the button “Select box”, after which a choice of several chests will be offered. It is enough to decide on the one that is more like it, to click on it, and if the number of Satos won by the user is satisfied, you must activate the green button. When the amount of the win did not come up to expectations, the second attempt is given, for which it is necessary to press the button already yellow and open another chest. The game does not provide for losses, in any case, the participant will remain in the black. The game ends by clicking the “next” button and entering the captcha. Apparently, the procedure is extremely simple and understandable.


MOONBIT.CO.IN is another portal for earning digital money on the Internet. By analogy with the above, you can earn without any investment. To do this, you need to enter captcha, as well as perform simple tasks. There is an opportunity to withdraw the accrued satoshi in almost a minute, but the amounts will be scanty. The optimal solution will be to visit the system several times a day to introduce captcha and get a pretty decent number of satos. Automatic output is carried out once a week.

TAKEFREEBICOIN – an Internet service that operates on the usual principle – the introduction of CAPTCHA, this time every half hour. To obtain the satosh you need to go through the registration procedure with the introduction of the bitcoin purse number and a few additional facts about the registering person, after which the work process can be started immediately.

Earnings on the Crypto-currency

So, you learned what tokens are, what are the main ways to get it, and how to buy bitcoins on a free basis. As a conclusion, it should be noted that modern electronic tokens are the real currency of the future, so it will be very appropriate to learn how to handle btc and other types of digital tokens in the near future.