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EOSex – decentralized EOS based exchange

EOSex – a global trading platform for cryptocurrency assets. Her feature – the transparent and safe ecosystem based on distributed control system which not only allows to trade in cryptocurrencies, but also goods, including precious metals, oil and natural raw materials.

Current problems

  1. Low trading volumes. Now at the different exchanges about one thousand various cryptocurrencies are presented. To keep up to date, giant exchangers have to add new cryptocurrency couples constantly.
  2. The difficulties connected with exchange. The largest exchanges often raise big percent for placements of cryptocurrencies on their platforms. Because of it many owner’s digital projects spend the large sums of money which could be used in the good purposes – improvements of the project.

This is a list of the main problems that may arise in the modern world. Cope with all of them will be able to this exciting platform.

EOSex solutions

EOSex offers wide trading opportunities for various types of cryptoactive assets. EOSex offers tokens — EXP (EOSex Proof) — after the release of which the platform will cease to be an independent project. It will become a distributed company, the management of which will belong to the owners of EXP tokens and the EOSex fund.

All owners of EXP tokens will share profits from the operation of EOSex.As a result, the EOSex platform will become a large community with a transparent principle of operation, controlled by its participants, which will allow you to comfortably and safely perform operations with high-quality digital assets.

What is EOS ecosystem?

EOSex views the protection of each price range and information as our number one priority.To this give up,we hold budget properly segregated throughout both online wallets and cold storage with 98% of trade budget held in bloodless storage at all times. After the main network (mainnet) of EOS has been started, has become possible to start the decentralized applications (dApp). Within dApp it is possible to find unique offers and progressive ideas which don’t meet in one other network:

  1. Scatter – reputation system. Her main task – to define and establish reputation of users and applications.
  2. Chintai – the platform intended for leasing of tokens of EOS which will be necessary for new application developers.
  3. AWOO – application for interaction and cooperation of participants of community.
  4. Cards &Tokens – on this platform are placed digital cards, using which, users can load own content, earning thus money.

Among popular applications it is also possible to find labor exchange, fork Wikipedias, the platform of the decentralized medical data, own social network and many other things. For service of this project and also for expansion of opportunities for earnings in network, the exchange has also been created.

Plans of the EOSex platform

EOSex offers trade in digital assets, trade of CFD and online trading. On the platform exchange tokens, so-called EXP (EOSex Proof) will be released. After tokens of EXP are released, EOSex will not be independent a blockchain website any more, and the distribution company controlled by its community – holders of tokens of EXP.

Thus, EOSex will become the public platform which will work together with all the members and partners and to create the global platform for ensuring quality of digital assets.


In the future the exchange wants to win a title of global and to trade in shares, to enter the market Forex, to offer separate products – provided that the set volumes on cryptocurrencies will be reached and also the due level of stability and safety will be ensured. All this has to raise level of income of co-owners of even more.

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