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How to exchange kiwi for bitcoin-step by step instructions

There are 2 options how to exchange kiwi for bitcoins. In this article, we’ll look at both methods and walk you through the step-by-step translation instructions.

Where to find the kiwi exchanger for bitcoin with the most favorable rate

You can find the kiwifruit to bitcoin exchanger with the best rate on any of the exchange rate monitoring sites.

How to exchange kiwi for bitcoin-step by step instructions

The most popular monitoring sites:


To find more of these services, just drive in Google or Yandex ” monitoring of exchange offices.” The advantage of this approach is that you can easily find the most favorable exchange rate. Or to access directly the exchange and go directly to them.

The most popular websites-exchangers:


Some particular exchanger can simply be remembered for something and you will like more than others-good service, user – friendly interface, etc. – and then you start without regard to the exchange rate to change the money only here. This option is also not bad. The advantages of exchange is that many of these websites provide registered users with a funded discounts.

But at least it is necessary to look at the monitoring sites periodically, because the course can vary by 30 percent. When you watch the monitoring, pay attention to each value in the table:

  1. The course is usually at the top the cheapest rates for exchange Bitcoin to QIWI.
  2. Reserve-bitcoins in the exchanger may not be enough. At the same time, if for some reason you want to choose this exchanger, you can apply for replenishment of the reserve, and quickly replenish the stock.
  3. Reviews – normally on the monitoring post is already tested and honest exchangers, but we suggest you to choose the service which has a lot of positive feedback and no negative.
  4. Whether the operation is performed manually or automatically is not the most important factor. Even if your operation is performed by a person, the procedure is still quick.

Usually it takes only 1-3 minutes to convert QIWI Rub to Bitcoin. Let’s step by step analyze how you do it.

Step by step kiwi to bitcoin exchange in 1 minute

The same cryptocurrency has a different price depending on how to buy it. For example, it is advantageous to buy a “digital gold” is not directly from a Bank card of Sberbank, AlfaBank, etc., and beginning to throw money on WebMoney purse, and then buy bitcoins or etc. In this regard, you first need to first register WebMoney purse – written below how to do it.

If you already have a kiwi wallet, go directly to the step-by-step instructions for exchanging kiwi for bitcoin.

How to register WebMoney purse

To create and replenish the kiwi wallet, as well as carry out payment from it, you only need your mobile number. To start, go to the website QIWI. When you first visit, you will see such a screen. Enter the phone number and check the captcha ” I’m not a robot.” You will receive an SMS with a code, enter it. Come up with a password that fits the rules (in the figure below), and that you can easily remember. That’s all, you can use your kiwi purse.

How to exchange kiwi for bitcoin

If you have never changed kiwi to bitcoin before, we recommend starting with monitoring services of exchange offices. For example, with To start, select in the table on the left in the column “Give” QIWI RUB, and in the column “get” Bitcoin – as shown in the figure below. Links to exchange offices will appear in the table on the right. above is written how to choose the best of them.

Click on the selected service. In our example, it will be RAPID-obmen (just for example, you can choose any other exchanger, and everywhere the exchange process will be about the same).

Step-by-step instructions on how to quickly convert kiwi to bitcoin

Step 1-select the currency to exchange

Here in the table in the left column you have to choose what to give (kiwi), and in the right to get (bitcoins). On other sites, the interface will be different, but the essence is the same everywhere.

Pay attention to the screen – at this point the service was 1.25 btc, and you could not buy more. If you do not have enough, you can go to another exchanger or apply for this service to replenish the reserve – in this case, you will receive an automatic email to the email that the reserve is replenished, and then you can make the exchange.

Step 2 – enter the amount of

Next, enter the amount of money you want to transfer to cryptocurrency. The minimum amount for this exchanger is always highlighted from the bottom (800 RUB). At the same time, the system will automatically calculate how much it is in bitcoins at the current rate, and it will fill in the appropriate field.

Then continue to enter your data – enter the phone number in the international format (start with seven). The phone must be switched on, as the exchanger staff can call you to confirm the exchange.

Step 3 – enter details of the owner of the Bitcoin wallet

Now go to your bitcoin wallet, copy its number and paste it into the appropriate field. Next, enter your personal data-real name, contact email and phone number, which you can call (operators selectively make calls to this phone too, to confirm the exchange operation) – this phone number may not match the kiwi number. And finally indicate the captcha.

Step 4-preview

If everything is done correctly, we go to the preview page of the kiwi to bitcoin exchange. Here you need to check all the data: the amount of how much you give and how much you get, phone number, etc.

Step 5-create an exchange request

If everything is right again, put a tick” with the rules of service read and agree “and click” Create application”, then we get to the page with the application id. (ID is the application number.) It says here how to pay for the kiwi exchange for bitcoin-read the instructions carefully and perform the required manipulations: spend the amount (which you wrote in rubles) to the specified wallet of this exchanger.

You always need to transfer exactly the amount of the application, otherwise the application will be rejected. If there is a Commission for the transfer, then pay it to you.

Only after the amount was transferred to the specified wallet, click “I paid” and click “OK”.

Step 6-Expect the transfer amount to be received

Everything, the application is created, we paid bitcoins through kiwi. It remains only to wait for the amount from our wallet to arrive at the exchanger account, and then it will transfer the selected cryptocurrency to your bitcoin wallet.

The site hangs a warning that this operation is performed by hand for 5-30 minutes during business hours (daily from 5 to 21 hours GMT, plus the weekend watch the status of the operator – whether it works or not). Your request will be processed only after the funds are credited to our account.