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Exchange Yandex money for bitcoin: fast and easy

Most of the owners of crypto-currencies sooner or later begins to be interested in the possibility of the exchange of existing funds for electronic money. How to do it? The easiest way to exchange Yandex Money to bitcoin through the exchange. All the more that here all is happening on one algorithm. And if you have studied one service, it is easy to cope in most cases with the other.

Exchange Yandex money for bitcoin

How to exchange bitcoin for Yandex Money?

In most of the offices you will first need to register. It does not take much time (a couple of minutes – to choose a login, enter your email, password, confirm the institution account), but then you can go good bonuses for permanent operations.

For example, if you decide to regularly display this way bitcoin, the service can offer you discounts, bonuses and other pleasant things.

Note that the average claim is processed within the system for a few minutes. However, for the final completion of the transaction Bitcoin service will require you at least 2 confirmations. That sometimes takes up to 2 days.

You can speed up the process. To do this, you need to specify a Commission of at least 0.0001 BTC. Then usually everything happens much faster.

What’s next? As a rule, the exchange office uses a special automated calculator. This means that if you specify a specific amount in the right window or in the left window, the corresponding amount will appear in the unfilled one. You can control the process, independently calculating all taking into account the current course. Usually in heat exchangers it is impossible to find errors, but if there are unclear point, please contact our technical support.

Then the service will require you to specify the number of purse. Recall that Yandex Money first give an anonymous account, there is still identification and nominal. Most of the exchangers dealing with cryptocurrency, do not pay much attention to such moments.

Later, the user only needs to agree with what the exchange offers (otherwise nothing will happen). And move on to bitcoin wallet. During the exchange process, an individual unique address is formed, to which the cryptocurrency (bitcoin) must be transferred inside this system. After all the confirmations are completed, Yandex Money will be sent to the User.

Bitcoins savings Bank

Generally the process itself is quite simple. That is, everyone can really exchange Yandex Money for bitcoin today. Another thing is that everything sometimes tightens the official website of bitcoin. But this does not always happen.

The reputation of exchangers: a credible system

So, with the main moments of the exchange dealt with. But there are a lot of exchangers. How do you know exactly who you can trust? How to choose where it is more profitable? There are several criteria:


You can track it yourself or through monitoring (for example, BestChange). There are invited to look at some of the exchange now has money, that is for reserve. Note that the course on this project is constantly updated. That is, the data will always be the latest.


It is clear that for the exchange you need to choose only proven exchangers. There are several options. You can observe yourself, to collect Network information.

There is another option – BestChange. They are stored and negative feedback, besides the managers are constantly checking to see how you move the money properly enters such currency as bitcoin if there are any problems.

Exchange rate

Yandex Money exchangers accept performing manually, semiautomatically and automatically. These are the basic points. The rest is already details. Now let’s talk about where to transfer bitcoin to Yandex Money will be easiest.

Automatic exchangers


One of the most popular sites for sharing. Not a bad rate, takes Yandex Money, bitcoin, of course, works with other cryptocurrencies. Everything is automated, there is a special cloud of exchange tags to make it convenient for the user to withdraw funds.

Minus: there is information about the scams that are presented by the staff of this project. Therefore, caution is important.


Gives the opportunity to exchange bitcoin to Yandex Money (with the Yandex system, apparently, generally well-established contact), and then withdrawal of electronic funds in record time on the card. The course is one of the best.

But then there are pitfalls: in the case of the first exchange will need to wait 2 working days. Subsequent operations, according to promises, automatically.


Another sharing site, promises cryptocurrency after 1 confirm, on average, until about half an hour. It favorably differs from many others.

But with the exchange rate of bitcoins, there is still a good time to guess: it changes every 3 minutes.

Manual exchangers

X-PAY provides instant insights, but warns that in case of exchange, YAD (Yandex Money) there may be a delay of up to 48 hours. From working manually can note, Bakuman, Kassa and others. Actually quite a lot. Some users prefer to exchange this option because of the reliability.

Summing up, it is worth noting that there are enough ways to exchange Yandex Money for cryptocurrency and Vice versa. Everything depends on best rates and specific conditions.