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FILES.FM – secure file sharing and storage between devices and people

Files.FM is an info tech firm that builds simple to use yet powerful and advance and innovative software products for file storage apps since 2007. Files.FM is developing the FFL so as to give everyone a chance to transfer useful data for everyone to discover and access.

FFM is that the native platform token that permits users to participate within the Library and gain rewards.

What is it? Library will combine the existing digital library creation principles with new hybrid semi-decentralized technology, using P2P fog network of web browsers in order to reduce the costs and limitations of centralized digital libraries. The Library will focus heavily on creating and maintaining a community of volunteers, who would upload, tag and oversee useful files and who in return would be rewarded with FFM tokens.

The platform will apply a new hybrid, semi-decentralized technology to combine with industry leading techniques and principles to create a revolutionary community powered digital library. This P2P file catalog and marketplace will include an intelligent search engine along with a blockchain rewarding system to ensure an intricate community will maintain the library in return for token rewards.

Innovation system

  • Usability – Providing an inter-connected file network that is compatible with all browsing systems and including a powerful and accurate search engine.
  • Community – The platform is geared for users to build a community storage based system on a transparent blockchain database and a reward structure.
  • Content – The goal is to create a platform where it is free to use and store content, provides fast user traffic, and the ability to sell content easily within the community. is a global initiative built from the collective efforts of a community. According to this principle, this system carries out its work.

Detail ICO

Total Token Supply: 10 000 000 000.

Limited Supply: Yes.

Price per Token: $ 0.01.

Symbol: FFM.

Type: ERC20.

Platform Features

FFL will be hybrid-decentralized, which suggests it will utilize combined central servers and decentralized P2P web user network for file storage and traffic. This is done to resolve the most significant specific issues these 2 networks have: for centralized servers, slower download speed and possible crashes or downtime due to big traffic; for P2P networks, absence of seeders for particular files. FFL utilizes hybrid-decentralized innovation to guarantee quick download and upload speeds and the file staying available even if the server decreases or there are no peers. In addition, making use of P2P networks lowers the expenses of servers, for that reason making the service complimentary for everybody. To make file availability easier, FFL users will be able to enjoy videos directly from the site utilizing hybrid-decentralized streaming innovation.

In a method, is trying to resolve the free-rider issue that is so widespread in P2P networks– that users download what they require and close the service without seeding the file for others. It goals to incentivize individuals to dedicate their resources by rewarding them with complimentary items in a legal method and more easily that the majority of other existing options.

Team Files.FM

On the development of this project is now working really experienced professionals. They have long engaged in the development and over the shoulders of many employees already have work products.

This is the reason Files.FM will trust on community submissions and edits. It’ll gift the editors with tokens that can later be exchanged for copyright information, for example, TV shows, Movies, music, books. This is done to build up a thriving system where buyers will tag, transfer and seed fines exchange for the option to later watch films or read books for free of cost.

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