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Global evolution has been a constant change over time with the introduction of new technology in some aspect of life. When I mean change in some aspect of life, I mean innovation for the betterment of getting things done. Example of such innovation includes the World Wide Web, new telecommunication era with the provision of mobile phones, innovation of blockchain and lots more. Some sectors of the world system still works on traditional means of getting things done.

Am going to be talking about the diamond industry eco system which is still been operated via traditional means. There has been so much innovation globally in every sector but I haven’t seen any when it when it comes to the diamond industry.

Current Problems

  • Expensive      middlemans
  • Complicated      storage of records of diamonds old-fashioned with paper
  • Fraudaulent      transactions
  • High      fees due to currency conversions and bank fees through international      transactions


Everyone wants to have them, but not everyone can afford them, diamonds. According to a statistic from, yearly over 15 billion USD worth of diamonds are produced each year. The demand for diamonds is also growing each year with a sales currently worth over 79 billion USD. With that a lot of problems came up.

Glitzkoin ICO

  • In      total there are 999 million Glitzkoin tokens
  • 25% of      that can be acquired through the token sale, the rest is for the company,      community and market making
  • The      sales is currently ongoing and will last until 25th june 2018
  • Already      12 mio USD is raised and therefore the softcap is already reached
  • Payment      methods are besides BTC and ETH also XLM
  • The      price for 1 Glitzkoin depends on how many where sold already and ranges      from 0.12$ to 0.2$ each
  • The      current token price is 0.16$

Glitzkoin is currently doing their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to gather funds for their development as well as expansion of the team and project. What is special about this project is that Glitzkoin is not a token based on the Ethereum Blockchain like almost 90% of the current blockchain projects, but rather chooses to build on the Stellar blockchain.


  • GLITZKOIN      Wallet The coin management platform helps users and developers view coin balances, transaction history and even subscription contracts. Developers can also see cumulative payments and other user specific information.
  • GLITZKOIN      Merit Engine Once the ICO is completed, the EME kicks in. It is a fair pre-decided mechanism which decides when and how to reward coins to the community.
  • GLITZKOIN      API The GLITZKOIN API plays a pivotal role in GLITZKOIN. The API can be used to access the various services offered by GLITZKOIN. Developers are responsible to implement the GLITZKOIN API within their site or mobile app.


  • OLGA ROSINA: Diamond Specialist
  • SHASHANK AGARWAL: Head of Technology
  • SOFIA FISCHER: Head of Marketing
  • LILA HUSSAIN: Head of Business Development
  • DATO’ ALIA HM JALLY: PR and Media Relations
  • DINESSHWARAN YOOGAN: Marketing Manager ADVISORS Mikhail Kozlov:


  1. Datuk Mat Rabi Abu Samah: Advisor
  2. Paolo Albertelli: Advisor
  3. Rohit Agarwal: Advisor


Q4 2017

  • Initial      Spark followed by Background Research
  • Development      of Initial Concepts and Diamond Industry Outreach
  • Initial      White Paper and Design Prototypes

Q1 2018

  • Glitzkoin      Project Scope, Token Use Case Design and Token Economics
  • Core      Founding Team on Board
  • Company      in Stealth Mode, Company Registered in Estonia
  • Project      Deck and White Paper, Technical Architecture
  • Official      Website Launch
  • Token      Presale Launch

Q2 2018

  • Launch      of Public Token Sale
  • Conclusion      of Token Sale and Distribution of Tokens
  • GlitzKoin      Diamond Exchange Development
  • Start      GlitzKoin Global Marketing Effort

Q3 2018

  • GLT      Token Listing on Crypto Exchanges
  • Beta      Testing of Diamond Exchange Platform
  • Development      of Global Diamond Track & Trace System

Q3 2018

  • Decentralized      Exchange Deployment
  • Global      Diamond Track and Trace System Deployment
  • Bug      Fixes and Enhancements to Deployed System

Q4 2019

  • Adding      more Features/tools to GlitzKoin Diamond Exchange
  • Continued      Marketing to Increase GlitzKoin Awareness

My Opinion

In my opinion Glitzkoin has a great future, because it focuses on a growing industry. Personally I like their project idea and I’m very excited to see how this project will develop soon. With Glitzkoin offering a new marketplace for buyers and sellers using the blockchain technology, I think that trading will be more simplified as well as safe and therefore more and more people will be going to use the marketplace that before didn’t know how to buy or sell their diamonds.

Overall I’m very positive on Glitzkoin and I’m sure that Glitzkoin will help to boost the diamond sales in the upcoming years.

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