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How to create and promote your own crypto currency

The success of bitcoin has turned heads to millions of people around the world. There was a huge number of people wishing to develop their own crypto-currency project and issue a new currency to the market.

How to create and promote your own crypto currency

However, such a release does not guarantee that its course will grow enough to enrich its author.

History knows hundreds and thousands of varieties of digital money that have completely disappeared into oblivion.

However, it turns out to make it quite realistic.

Why you need your own fork

Many seriously consider today their crypto currency as a reliable source of investment. As the experience of introducing other digital money shows, such investments can become very, very successful. Well, when you manage to stand at the origins of your own digital money units, the course of which in the future can grow and enrich the creator.

Examples of such successful projects may be bitcoin, lightcoin, ether and many others.

But most of the coins created do not get so widespread. Often, users simply use them to make payments between themselves or for computer network games.

It works like this: after registration, each newcomer gets a certain number of coins on his balance. Further, he can dispose of them at his discretion.

To create your own digital currency, you need a certain level of knowledge of working with PCs and programming. Although today there are services on the network that like the designer make it easier to create new coins.

Why you need to create your own crypto currency?

The basic needs are three:

  1. The desire to earn quickly and much
  2. Need for investment
  3. Its own currency for playing or calculating in a narrow circle of like-minded people
  4. In any case, new digital coins are made using a single algorithm.

Algorithm for creating new cryptonyms

Despite all organizational issues, it is necessary to consider the technical side of the issue, which plays a decisive role.

So, the general instruction on a set of actions for creating a similar project can look like this:

We go to the resource github-e and select the code on the basis of which the digital network will be created. This is one of the options for ready-made solutions that make the process of creating your currency as simple and straightforward as possible.

How to create and promote your own crypto currency

The found code must be downloaded to your PC. Most likely, you will need additional downloading and installation of some libraries and similar applications.

The existing code will need to be edited. Here you need the skills of a programmer, although you can draw it from the outside. Thus, a new crypto currency is being created, although it has not yet been completely brought to mind.

Replacing old parameters with new and unique ones can require several thousand actions, and therefore it is good for them to acquire special software. In addition, you need to come up with your own original and sonorous name for new coins.

The technical part of the code also requires considerable attention and investment of time. First of all, you need to configure the network ports. It is necessary to specify all the ports that will participate in the operations. They should be free, and information about them reflected in the finished code.

After all the adjustments are over, you can talk about creating a new digital currency. The process of generating coins in blocks begins. The creator himself determines what the amount of remuneration will be for the solution of each task block, and for what period of time its generation will occur.

From this moment it is possible to say that you have created your own crypto currency .

Release Features

Creating its own network, it is necessary to provide for anonymity and confidentiality of transactions with the provision of encryption and access keys. Any alphabetic and numeric designations entered in the table can be used as keys.

They are provided to participants after their registration in the system and at the stage of the transaction.

To date, there is a shift in emphasis towards the so-called “preminayenyh” digital currencies.

Basically, these are coins of projects like Crypto 2.0. To a greater extent, they relate to platforms rather than to currencies. Therefore, without investments in development, they simply disappear from the market in the not too distant future.

The algorithm described above is rather complicated for beginners. It requires some knowledge and the basics of practical programming.

However, if you use ready-made platforms and designers, the question of how to create your own crypto currency will be resolved in a much shorter period. They can create even their own securities, which will be circulated among the participants.

This is a kind of powerful financial platform, which has everything for the safety of client operations and control over them.

Alternative methods of issuing crypto currency

This is the software package Open Transactions, which makes it possible to create any number of new currencies and issuing centers.

With its help you can not only emit your coins, but also write checks, perform transfers, connect online shops and much more. In a word, it turns out its own financial system. It is interesting, is not it?

With the help of such a resource, it is possible not only to issue own money, but also other financial documents.

Clients are tempted by the fact that any of the conducted transactions will be reliably protected.

Among other known and proven projects can be identified Monetas, Mastercoin and others. Their services are often resorted to in those cases when it is necessary to issue a unique corporate currency intended for settlements within its network or a particular industry. The beauty of such projects is that they are decentralized, not managed by anyone from the outside, can not be closed by decision of the controlling authorities. And with a certain turnover in the market it can be exchanged for other means of payment or simply cashed.

How to create and promote your own crypto currency

The main problem of the unsuccessfulness of the newly created crypto currency is two: it is a lack of budget for production and promotion, as well as a lack of understanding of what it is needed for.

Many customers want without large investments to get a powerful financial and mining platform, which will include their own wallet, key site and even different applications developed for popular OS. People just want to earn in a few months, and the further fate of the project is of little concern to them.