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How to earn bitcoins on your phone

The number of users who access the Internet from tablets and mobile phones is growing literally every day. Today, the bitcoins on Android no longer surprise anyone. You can get the crypto currency here in the usual ways, there is not much difference with stationary PCs.

How to earn bitcoins on your phone

The important point: it’s best to download the software to your device, because applications open in the browser can start to hang. And the speed of the Internet will fall at times. And, of course, the more powerful the gadget, the more likely it is to earn bitcoins on Android or on another OS. Now there are applications for any system. And over time they become only more.

How to earn bitcoins on your phone

Earning bitcoins on Android: what applications are available?

Applications differ in the convenience of the menu, how much you can earn, reliability, the availability of an affiliate program and the terms of participation in it, as well as some other nuances.


One of the most popular options. It gives an opportunity to get not only bitcoins, but also other varieties of digital currency. Requirements for the power of gadgets are very high.

There is an internal purse, you can come here with both Android and PC. Not bad solved security system. An interesting referral program, at least, many praise it. To see how the bitcoins go, you can by internal statistics.


Special software for Android. Like many other similar applications, it offers welcome satos for registration. It reminds the cranes in part of the fact that sometimes money is given for performing simple actions.

It’s hard to say exactly what you need to do in order to assemble the bitcoins, but a million satoshs, for example, is quite realistic. Given that this is $ 25, that’s not bad either.

Non-standard options

In addition to the usual services, there are also different games, virtual casinos and, of course, cranes, where the owner of the smartphone can receive digital currency. These are sites with special tasks. Can you do it? You will receive a reward at the purse.


For example, gives out bonuses every hour up to 0.01 MTC. Recall that it is about $ 25, a very good amount. By the way, the service has nothing against using several devices at once. As a result, earnings increase.

Bitcoin Faucet

Is a resource with several cranes at the same time. Payments are relying on the installation of mobile applications, for the registration of a friend. In addition, users are offered a lottery. Money transfer occurs automatically every hour.

Bitcoin Flappe

is a game in which when performing certain tricks the bitcoins are given. Not exactly the standard version of the application, but very popular on the Internet.

As you can see, there are enough ways to earn a crypto currency through a smartphone. You just need to start!

 How to earn bitcoins on your phone