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ICO-2018: the top most anticipated projects of January-March

The ICO market is overloaded, companies that have announced the search for investors for projects based on the blockbuster are too many. So experts determined the state of the investment market in the ICO. Last year, its volume exceeded three billion dollars. The trend will be fair for the first quarter of 2018, investors expect more than hundreds of new projects to enter the ICO. About what benefits can bring the most notable of them, read right now.

GoNetwork. Fast transactions for consumer markets

The most “star” start-up, the project of the winners of the ETHWaterpolo hackathon. Participation in the competition, organized by the team of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, was attended by more than 400 specialists from 32 countries. The development team has 30 years of experience in programming, developing mobile applications and computer games, and blocking. In the team’s portfolio there is also a social network with more than a million users, and top mobile games – Happy Park and Zombies vs Alliens. Among the consultants of the project are no less prominent names: Ian Balina, Jeff Morris.


In the framework of the GoNetwork project, developers intend to create a mobile network infrastructure for the Ethereum network. By executing part of the operations outside the blockchain, the speed will significantly increase and the cost of transactions will decrease. It is expected that the project will accelerate the massive introduction of crypto currency, make them popular for consumer markets. The platform will also simplify the creation and distribution of virtual goods within gaming platforms and between users.

GoNetwork is distinguished by a high degree of project readiness – more than 90%. Start ICO has already been postponed twice, according to the official version, primarily because of the rush demand from investors. Now the company conducts preliminary registration, 123 thousand potential participants are already registered in the system. About 100 million tokens are offered for placement, half will be available for sale. By payment, bitcoins and ethers will be accepted, the starting cost of the ticker (GOT) is not currently defined.

Nucleus Vision. Customer dossier for business

Helps business “learn” the consumer. Passes under the slogan “Can you say who enters your store, office, house, hotel? We are. ” This is the case when online technology is introduced into real life.

The topic is very similar to the distribution of advertising on the Internet. It’s no secret: any user interest is automatically fixed and indexed by search engines to demonstrate targeted advertising. That is, visitors to the same site, social network see completely different offers of advertisers, based on their search queries.

Nucleus Vision

The Nucleus Vision project is similar in design. Its developers offer to earn both retailers and buyers. The last – through participation in loyalty programs: the possibility of buying goods at a discount or the exchange of tokens to the Finnish currency. The client only needs permission to use the data. They are read by an automatic scanner via 3G or 4G signal.

It is assumed that consumers will also buy brands. To initially understand the needs of the client, make an offer that will be difficult to refuse, and, ultimately, increase sales. Part of the information sellers will be able to receive even without the installation of applications by users. Scanners already working in the test mode in the shops of India, can simultaneously identify 32 unique customers within 6 milliseconds. The range is about 200 meters.

The project has already attracted the attention of large investors, including Tim Draper, Reliance Capital, IndusAge Partners, Quadgen and others. The team consists of 30 developers from India and the United States. Date of the ICO is not defined. It is known that the starting cost of the ticker NCASH will be equal to 0,01 USD. Tokens are planned to be released within two weeks after the sale.

Gems. Technological crowdsourcing for micro-tasks

The platform for working primarily in the field of AI, data mining, big data. Includes collecting, processing, preparing data and performing calculations, writing codes, etc., as well as their verification. The work is carried out by the verifiers appointed by the customer who receive a fee in the form of digital GEM coins for verification.


The founders of the project are the brothers O’Reilly, the founders of the Gift company with an asset of more than 500 thousand users, which makes it possible to create a video from the video. Among the advisors – co-founder of Twitter and Medium Biz Stone, the founder of Augur Joey Krug, creator of the company ReCaptcha Ben Maurer. There is very little information on the project in the network, one of the sources of operational information is the Gems telegram, which has almost 50,000 subscribers.

Experty. Monetization of expertise and protection of privacy

Mobile service for video – audio messengers, which connects people looking for information, and those who own it, on the basis of the blockbuster. The service operates on the principle of Skype, but payment for services is done through smart contracts. Unlike the traditional options, the calculation is carried out directly during the consultations (a per minute payment system is provided), and the cost of the service can be influenced by users of the system.

Developers realized the possibility of group calls, sending text messages, conducting webinars. To become a consultant within the service, an expert must have a purse for crypto currency. The user, in turn, gets the opportunity to quickly consult a doctor, a psychologist, a business adviser, a financier, etc., without wasting time searching for an expert. It is assumed that payments within the system will take place instantly, without the participation of intermediaries.


Currently, we are focusing on solving the crisis of talent in the community of blockchain, allowing experts to monetize their skills through a skype voice and video application. Payments are processed through an automated payment system for smart contracts, using their own EXY token. This will allow companies to gain the knowledge they need, allowing the blockchain community to continue to expand and flourish, “the official website of the project says.

The project also sets the task of preserving the personal data of customers in safety: location, mobile phone numbers, that is, it protects from unwanted contacts. Start ICO is scheduled for January 31. The amount that the developers plan to attract is $ 11.1 million. The cost of the digital EXY coin is 1.23USD. It is planned to issue 100 million tokens, the volume for placement is set at 33%.

Bluzelle. Effective ecosystem for decentralized data

Storage and data management platform, claiming leadership in its segment. Developers created a scalable database for dApps – decentralized applications for the blockroom. Until now, the lack of such decentralization has reduced the effectiveness of the work.


The company will release two types of digital coins. According to the developers’ plans, the internal tokens of the platform – BNT will be a tool for encouraging users who provide free disk capacity. The second type of tokens – BLZ is intended for public attraction of investments. Both types of coins inside the system will be interchangeable.

The cost of BLZ at the start of January 18 will be 0.12 USD. During ico, developers plan to attract about $ 19.5 million. The number of coins is limited to 500 million BLZ.

Metronome. Universal crypto currency for block platforms

The creators refer to the digital coin of the project as “the best crypto currency of all times”. The main thing, and, undoubtedly, a weighty advantage – the technology realizes the possibility of transferring a token between various block platforms. The founder of Metronome and the former Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik calls MTN a “clean sheet”, the basis for creating an efficient system in which the mistakes of the first crypto-currency projects were solved. At the stage of placement, 10 million tokens are issued, investors will be offered 8 million.


Among other advantages, creators note Metronome’s independence from developers and the opportunity for coin owners to move their funds to another platform if the project closes. Potentially, the development can also leave crypto-exchangers out of business, helping the user dispense with paying commissions and avoid losing money on the exchange rate difference. Already at the first stage, the token can be transferred to the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic platforms.

According to the developers, after ICO, 2880 MTN tokens will be produced every day for 40 years every day. They will be distributed among users. The authors interpret this approach as a “competitive advantage”, which provides an opportunity for investors to receive income for decades. ”

Institutional investors should be very happy to see something like this. We created a thousand-year old crypto currency, which was built forever, – says co-founder Bloq Matthew Roszak.

TON. Clear access to crypts for millions

Telegram Open Network should be considered outside of this rating, because at present it is rather a “dark horse” than a real start-up. The excitement around the project ensures the popularity of the Telegram service and its founder, Pavel Durov. Which, however, does not give any official comments on this issue. There is no information on the company’s website.


Published white paper, containing information about the upcoming project, was signed by the co-founder of Telegram Nikolai Durov.

Little is known about the mechanism of project implementation. The coin will be GRAM, which will use its own platform. The value of the token on the ICO is set at 0.1 USD, the volume of the issue is 5 billion. It is also known that the ICO of the project will be held no earlier than in March 2018. To participate in it, investors need accreditation. According to unofficial data, a rather high entry threshold is expected – from 5000 USD.