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ICO PORN_X: When cryptopliers go beyond the standards

Creation of a universal crypt for payment of goods or services in one segment is not a new idea, but for the time being it is difficult to realize it in one direction up to 100%. The PORN_X project is designed to increase the anonymity of operations and increase their security, and is also open to potential investors with different portfolio sizes.


How it will be possible to attract the first investment, what the prospects for cooperation and how it will be possible to earn on its own token, it is necessary to understand directly before the start of the project. And if you believe the timer on the official site – before this left about 3 days.

Official website of the project Porn_X

From an information point of view, the resource will satisfy even the most demanding investor, but at once, which catches your eye – only the English version. Despite the specific sphere, PORN_X except that the name suggests a feature of the work, because even photo content is hard to call pornographic, rather erotic.

There is nothing super-ordinary, but everything is intuitively understandable and accessible. You can contact by phone with the team, join right now, learn about the technology and pre-sale, as well as on how premiums will be charged – directly on the active top panel. I note that the site is quite informative, but the “engine” is rather weak – it’s a little “pulling”, but I think this will be fixed soon.


What attracts is a completely aesthetic content, despite the topic. The team paid special attention to the numbers, indicating that:

  1. Every third person in the world regularly watches porn;
  2. $ 95 million is the money turnover of the erotic industry;
  3. At the same time, 252 countries are more or less involved in the crypto industry.

For some reason, designers have relied on the use of a white brick wall in the form of a background and abundant blue in the decor. Together with the rest – there is a countdown timer up to the active stage of ISO.

The stage of development of the IKO

The block structure allows you to assess the negative moments of payment for content through bank cards or transfers and the benefits of using a cryptonet. The description of the token and the payment system provides answers to important questions, and the visualized stages of the partnership are a plus for designers. Traditionally, the bottom panel is presented in the form of icon-links to official pages in social networks, which, by the way, are actively filled.

The Porn_X command

Specific names with links to profiles in social networks are available on the site, but in White Paper no specifics. What is atypical is that traditionally a male company for such ISOs is diluted by girls, in particular Catherine Markel – CMM manager and translator Dziun Li. The team of authors is multinational. The general director was Martin Benson, and co-founder Domian Larner.

Comands Porn_X

The main developer is Colleen Fig. At the same time, an advisory council is represented on the website: Arshakian took charge of legal issues, Ethan Hutcheson’s strategic issues, and technical ones – Liu Hyun-Su. Some people are familiar with other projects.

Features of ISO Porn_X

The site specifies that the active phase will occur from February 11 to March 31 this year. The project is designed for several stages and at the same time is aimed at creating an author payment system and own tokens. The description of the project has already been added to several sites and monitors, while critical feedback from experts is not observed. The main feature of the project is the use of Lightning Network-technology for anonymity and simplification of payment exclusively for “adult” content. Initially, a proprietary X-Wall application will be created, and the PORNX token intends to bargain on the exchanges. More detailed – in a three-dimensional white sheet from the creators.

White Paper

The document consisting of 62 pages, it is quite possible to consider structured and competently made up. Potential investors will find all the issues of interest within White Paper: from the size of the issue to the description of the technology of transactions. What did not like: too much text, a strong focus on the uniqueness of the project, frequent references to the history of porn-start-ups. What you liked: a clear structure, the use of statistical data, a detailed explanation of the advantages of the X-Wall system. To change: the information on emissions and the principle of distribution of tokens would have been issued earlier than 54 pages, and besides it would have added the working languages ​​of the general document.

Road map

If you believe the information on the site, the idea of ​​the project and the first meetings of the team are dated April 2017. And together with the signing of contracts with partners in the network, the team was developing and testing the X-Wall, a mobile application for paying for goods or services. By the end of the year the team went out to develop and maintain the PORNX token, and is now conducting an active advertising campaign.

Stages of development

Since February 11, pre-sale of tokens will start, and on March 1 – the official date of the ISO project on the basis of the Lightning network. And already in April the team set itself an ambitious goal – to enter the auction at least on 2 exchanges and launch an application for download for Android and iOS. At the beginning of the summer, it is planned to introduce fiat currencies as a way of exchanging crypt for further calculations. The full implementation of the payment system is scheduled for October and will participate in it will be 8 porn sites with paid content, but which – is not yet specified. And in the first quarter of next year the number of partners will increase to 3 thousand.

How to get tokens Porn_X

The developers specified that it is planned to issue 255 million tokens, 70% of which will be sold in the main round, 5% – on Pre-Ico, the bounty campaign provides a 2% reward, and large investors and partners can expect 3%. The reward to the founders is 10% (a fairly solid statement), and the advisors will receive 2% and the same profit. On the part – up to 5%.

When PORNX tokens based on the ERC-20 protocol are obtained, they can be used in 4 main directions:

  1. Quick trading, using exchanges and over time some exchange sites;
  2. Long-term storage, and then exit with capital on the market – “long money”;
  3. As a means of paying for the “adult” content on partner sites (some of them have already managed to say that paying a crypt, you can get nice bonuses);
  4. Gradual payment of coins through the Lightning Network technology of various products and services on the network.

It is specified that the tokens will be credited to the personal wallet X-Wall Wallet. The cost is estimated 1 ether for 3000 PORNX, on pre-sale – 2 times less, but at the same time bonuses are provided.

Mining PORNX

But you can not get a token by yourself or with the help of cloud mining. But at the same time the team gave a little bonus beforehand, specifying that in addition to its own token, it is ready to provide a place for storage, transfers, exchange and other 40-kriptovalyutam.

How to make money on PORNX

It is significant that the team initially attracted several purses for investments, besides the author’s, among them MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, imToken and Coinomi. Next, the project will be released to the stock exchanges, where, according to the admins, the cost initially can increase by 2 times, and then do not slow down such speed. Together with this, the team focuses on 3 possible earnings scenarios:

  • Receive a commission for input-output of fiat (up to 10%);
  • At trading on stock exchanges;
  • On exchangers, among which HitBTC, EtherDelta,


According to preliminary forecasts, Bounty launched on January 22. The campaign PornX offers 2 directions: a sweet bonus for buying tokens and directly accruing without your investments. If the first provides from 10 to 35% depending on the period of purchase, the features of the second are not specified even in White Paper, except for the limit limit of the bonus – 2%.


I will assume that traditionally this posting, comments on special resources, help in translating into other languages, placing advertisements on their sites. Interestingly, there is no information on earnings without investments on PORN_X on other special resources.

What is useful will give PORN_X users

Like the whole technology of blocking, and in the case of a project based on Lightning, it will provide significant confidentiality. Secondly, it is the security of making payments from anywhere in the world. Thirdly, this is the disposal of funds at your discretion, because the basic principle of the project is that by replenishing the account through a special system X-Q Pay, you manage to minimize costs and then independently at any time to dispose of the funds. Fourth, high speed of transactions. For investors who will invest in the project in one of 4 stages, a profit is forecasted due to the growth of the rate of the token and commissions for input-output of fiat on the corporate wallet.

Unambiguously, the project is atypical and attractive from various angles, but above all, it is the loyal conditions of participation in ISO and the projected profit. In the meantime, before the start there is still time, I recommend that you read the material on Cardano Cardano’s crypto currency, because, perhaps, it will also be added to the “active” segment in the purse of the PORN_X project. The article is already available on the blog. Investors with different portfolio volumes can wait and pre-sell with preferential terms, and an active stage for buying tokens.

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