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ICO Remiit (REMI)

REMIIT is a Blockchain Powered Remittance and Payment Platform that connects various businesses and users through a trust-based Smart Contract System. REMIIT endeavors to allow business scalability of businesses in the Money Transfer Sector and provide users with a cheap and transparent process with value stability through the 2-Tier token system.


When REMIT faces globalization, obstacles between countries have diminished and global interactions between people and goods have become more comfortable. Especially because of the increase in the internet, the range of remittance transactions and overseas fees is increasing rapidly.

Even though such a huge market has spurred monopolistic monetary institutions, the obstacles between customers are still excessive and transparency continues to be a permanent problem. First, transactions «foreign money transfers» are slow and ineffective because of systems such as the SWIFT network while Money Transfer Operators such as banks and non-bank Fintech organizations have limitations in scalability and development.

It would seem – it’s convenient, but there are also pitfalls in this scheme. People generally do not trust the banks and services that offer such transfers. That’s why people are looking for alternative ways to transfer money without intermediaries.

Details ICO

Abbreviation: REMI.

ICO Stage: Pre-sale.

Total tokens supply: 6000000000 REMI.

Token Price: 1 REMI = 0.01 USD.

Buy Option: ETH.

Category: Platform.

REMIIT Benefits

To begin with, the system runs on the blockchain platform, thus it is transparent and secure for all the participants. The participants in the system are evaluated regarding reputation, helping to flush out possible frauds in the system. Importantly, the optimized algorithms make the process fast and easy. Besides, it is cheap and affordable to use.

The team behind the REMIIT system is a great one with vast experience to propel it forward. The users of the system can manage the credit ratings that are generated from the blockchain transaction, allowing them to manage their credibility and enjoy several other benefits. Users will equally be able to use the REMI wallet as a payment means by itself directly.

How REMIIT Works

  • RSC (REMIIT Smart Contract) – The RSC system gives affordable fees and expanded networks for all the participants who may be using remittance services.
  • Issuance Of REMI – REMI is a token used within the platform to make the whole of the REMIIT ecosystem robust and active.
  • RPGP (REMIIT Payment Gateway Protocol) – The providers use this interface for payments through the system.

Road map

2018 Q3

Private-sale Pre-sale.

2018 Q4

Crowd-sale KYC/AML.

2019 Q1

REMIIT Smart Contract (RSC);


2019 Q2


2019 Q3

REMIIT Linker Protocol (RLP) SDK REMIIT;

Linker Applications Partnership with Main Linkers.

2019 Q4

RSC launch REMIIT Wallet launch REMIIT DEX for Main Linkers launch.

2020 Q2

REMIIT DEX Expansion.

2020 Q3

REMIIT Payment Gateway Protocol (RPGP) MVP.

2020 Q4

Partnership with Main Payment Providers.

2021 Q1

RPGP launch Service Expansion Partnership for the future EcoSystem.

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