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Is it necessary to invest bitcoins

Bitcoins are a new digital currency that appeared on the market only in 2009. Interest in this crypto currency has increased in recent years as much as its rate. But as you know, money should work, and not lie dead weight on your wallet.

If you have a certain amount of such currency, and you do not intend to transfer it into “live” money in the near future, it is logical to invest bitcoins at interest in some reliable service.

Investments in bitcoin

Opinions of specialists on the crypto currency differ; nevertheless, most experts who understand its essence and peculiarities unanimously repeat the strengthening of the position and course of the bitcoins in the long term. Uncontrolled by any financial structure and no Government, digital cash (which is also not subject to inflation) will continue to conquer our planet. So, you do not need to hurry to exchange your coins for ordinary money.

Remember the sad example of an American who bought in 2010 two pizzas for 10 thousand bitcoins; because today the value of such an asset is estimated at over $ 25 million.

The strengthening of the position of the digital currency is also indicated by the fact that the volume of investments in this sector increases significantly every year.

In favor of bitcoins is also evidenced by the fact that their mining (mining) and use are legalized in many countries of the West; even in Russia, in spite of the previous warnings of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, in 2017 steps have been taken in this direction.

A few years ago there was no investment platform created for this digital currency. At that time, it never occurred to anyone that you could invest bitcoins anywhere with interest. But already now there are quite worthy projects where you can put bitcoin. Most of these sites are English-speaking, although you can also find Russian-language services if you want. There are three types of such sites:

  1. Cloud Mining.
  2. Various exchanges, funds, pools and other services, often combining many different functions.
  3. Bitcoin HYIP.

Cloud mining as a way of investing

Cloud mining, or cloud mining, appeared at that stage in the development of the digital currency, when it was very difficult to obtain coins alone or even with the help of a pool. Then the largest farms for mining decided to sell part of their capacity, that is, to trade their own resources. In fact, people buy shares of these companies with a guarantee of profit in the future. Here are a few proven services:

  • Cointellect – This platform combines the functions of cloud mining, exchange and exchange office; it has been operating for a long time and has proved itself as one of the most profitable places for investing crypto currency in the modern market. Here you can earn on exchange transactions, buy different types of digital currency and trade with them, as well as buy production facilities. It is important that the savings of depositors on this service is protected by a serious security service. The yield on this resource is up to 20% per month.
  • Eobot – A cloud service that allows you to lease part of your capacity and make a profit without going into the subtleties of the technical process. Investments will pay off in less than a year, and the lease period is three years. Thus, for two years the investor will be able to earn by using the capacities of this investment site, and the total profitability for the whole period will be about 300%.
  • – The largest mining pool with the functions of the exchange for various crypto-currencies, the trade exchange and cloud mining. Those who wish can invest both their own funds and buy capacities on the trade exchange in order to resell them immediately. Thus, here you can not only earn interest from the mining, but also profit from the resale of third-party facilities. There is also an interesting service.
  • MyDailyCoin is essentially an analogue of a bank deposit. Created in 2010 by a team of Forex traders, this service provides an opportunity to receive up to 3% of revenue per day, which greatly exceeds the amount of income for any bank deposit. At the same time, developers guarantee unhindered withdrawal of funds at any time. Financial risks, according to their assurances, amount to no more than 1% of the amount of your investments.

Bitcoin HYIP

Bitcoin Hyip is an investment project that is characterized by high profitability in the shortest possible time. This method is associated with a huge risk of losing the invested funds.

Risks in Investing

We must not forget that many such services are pure fraud, therefore, in no case should you invest the entire amount in a single project.

Also it is necessary to pay attention to the term of its work and the presence of positive feedback. However, even this will not give any actual guarantees that you will actually get back your money along with the promised interest. In any case, the user should invest in such projects only those means that are not too afraid to lose.

If you are willing to take a risk, then select several services with positive feedback, giving preference to the shortest contracts (preferably – where interest is accrued every hour) with the possibility of withdrawing funds at any time. With a competent approach, it is possible and even necessary to invest bitcoins, because this is a good opportunity to multiply your savings. But do not forget about the golden rule of investing: high income is always associated with great risk.

Therefore, if you are not ready to risk your hard-earned coins, do not make tempting promises to double your savings in one day: most likely, you will not see any promised super profits or your own investments. It is better to give preference to reliable English-speaking services that do not promise such big dividends, but they work not for the first year and always fulfill their obligations. Moreover, the level of profitability offered by these services is quite high compared to traditional bank deposits.