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Mfun – ecosystem to Reward Users in South East Asia!

Welcome my dear subscribers. Today I will tell you about a very interesting project. The first ecosystem of honest rewards in South-East Asia for gamers is represented by the Mfun platform. Previously, all the players deliberately spent time at the computer playing online games without getting anything in return.

Most often, game developers have spent money from trusted players, “forgetting” while thanking them. Now you can easily monetize your work by becoming a member of the Mfun ecosystem.

Review ICO

The first fair rewards ecosystem in Southeast Asia for gamers is represented by the Man platform. Previously, all players spent time aimlessly at the computer, playing online games, without getting anything in return. Most often, the game developers have lured money from gullible players, “forgetting” to thank them. Now you can easily monetize your work by becoming a member of the mfun ecosystem.

Structure of the network

The developers of the platform, build the principle of its platform on three pillars, while they describe in detail what will have from this gamer:

  1. Play and monetize! The more time you spend in the game; the more points you get. In the future, earned points can be easily monetized into Fiat money.
  2. Zero identification. No need to enter any personal information, no name, no name, no email, no credit card. It is enough to specify the mobile phone number, which will be your personal account and the option of getting a fair reward.
  3. The absence of intermediaries. Local advertising will attract new players, and the internal MFUN token will be a payment option for both game developers and mobile gamers.

As you can see, from this chain fall middlemen, who previously had to pay a considerable amount of money to promote a promising game. All funds in the ecosystem will be distributed between the player and the developer of the mobile version of the electronic game.

Details ICO

Name of the token – MFU

Nstandard token – ERC20

Total will be issued 800,000,000 tokens

But the sale will be put out 344,000,000

Price 1 token 0.10 USD

Soft cap project 5,000,000 USD

Hard cap project 25,000,000 USD

Platform features

Given that the main contingent of players lives in South-East Asia, the platform will be aimed at attracting new users from this region. The largest percentage of players will be attracted from Indonesia, where according to the most conservative estimates, the ecosystem participants will be up to 20 million users from this country. The Asian mobile game market is the fastest growing, and only in 2018 annual turnover will be at least $ 2.2 billion. the Region is the most favorable for the promotion of mobile games, where the population of 650 million people is actively using mobile versions of games. About 40% of all players fall on Indonesia.

Project team

The project is headquartered in Singapore. The founders of the ecosystem are:

  1. Tong boon Ping, co-founder of the project.
  2. Brian Fan, the second Creator of the project.
  3. Kevin Fang, technical service.
  4. Michael Lee, chief operating officer of the project.
  5. Jeff Wong, marketing service.
  6. Karenina Sunny Halim, communications Manager.
  7. Gate of Patineta Manager, community Mfun.

Gamers of southeast Asia will receive in their management a platform that will help them easily monetize their steps during the game on a mobile device or personal computer. It is expected that if the project successfully starts in the near future, further influence will be moved to the European segment of gamers.

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