Mining Crypto-Currency
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Mining Crypto-Currency

Historically, mining was the first way to extract bitcoins, and then the home computer could mumble the fantastic number of military-technical cooperation at the present time. However, now the crypto-currency mining is a big, complex, costly both in terms of equipment and operation of the business. And its payback is far from obvious, organizational or technical mistakes will easily send you into the minus.

Our dedicated digital gold mining section will help you avoid them. You will find out how different mining on ASIC and video cards, solo and in pools, what is cloud mining. We will tell you which coins are most profitable and how promising are the production of young little-known coins.

You will find here and answers to organizational and technical questions – how to order and buy ASIC, what graphics cards and other hardware you need to build a farm, how to configure it and connect it to the pool, where to display it and how to store it.

We will tell you how much the farm costs, how to spend time and money, how to count the payback, what unobvious factors should be taken into account (primarily growth of a hasht), how to increase the return from the farm and avoid problems associated with its work.

You will also learn about the risks, major mistakes, pitfalls and difficulties of the beginning miner, why cloud mining has lost its relevance, what fraud schemes exist and how to avoid danger.

With the right approach, mining crypto currency pays off and brings good revenue, so every day it includes both private traders and companies with multibillion-dollar turnover.