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Mokenex ICO

Mokenex is on its way to become world’s first Decentralized Multi Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway and a Token Exchange platform. Integrate Mokenex to your online shop, bill payment services and even blockchain systems. Accept major coins and all tokens. Pay smallest fee available in market. Moreover, users will directly exchange your tokens (All Ethereum and other blockchains) for almost no fees.Mokenex ICO

Brief information

  • Website:
  • Type: ICO
  • Category: Payments
  • Purpose of fees: 3.040 USD
  • Released tokens: 17.000.000 MOKN
  • Price of the token: 1 MOKN = 0.20 USD
  • Presence of an escrow agent: No
  • Presence of working prototype: No
  • White paper: Open
  • Currencies: ETH
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Location: Gibraltar

How Does Mokenex Work?

Mokenex aims to solve the above problems by creating a multi-cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Merchants can use that gateway to select different cryptocurrencies they wish to accept. Mokenex will charge the smallest transaction fees on the market – charging just 0.25% for each transaction.

Meanwhile, customers and shoppers can pay merchants with 11 major cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, NEM, Bytecoin, Electroneum, IOTA, ZCash, Monero, and Cardano. As a buyer, you pay 0% fees. You just login to your account then pay from your cryptocurrency balance. There’s no need to pay deposit or withdrawal costs or worry about minimum amounts.

Exchanging tokens within accounts is also easy. You pay low rates when exchanging currencies within your account. Mokenex has a “Smart Quote Aggregation and Generation Engine” that creates a fair swapping process.

The MVP for Mokenex is expected to be released by the end of Q2 2018, with a beta version expected by Q3/Q4 2018. Right now, the Mokenex whitepaper is just five pages long, and there’s no public version of the platform available online. The project appears to be in the early stages of development.

What’s their economic structure of Mokenex ICO?

The primary reason for  Mokenex ICO   initial coin offering is to raise money to kick-start a blockchain enterprise. Other than this, the intentions can be suspicious. You can go through their prospective financial scope; you can tell if the team wants to put their bellies before the blockchain. How they intend to distribute their tokens, what percentage of stakes the developers or presumed advisors have in the entire budget are all markers to look out for.

Mokenex excellent crypto currency
Mokenex excellent crypto currency

Moreover, how will investors contribute their funds? Is there an escrow system set or will they be using a smart contract with multiple signature wallets? Who will the escrow be, and what are the conditions for fund transfer between escrows and developers.

“Remember that tokenization of digital assets, coin offering, and cryptocurrency so far do not have legal backing and money could be lost through wrong investment choice. While the developer’s aim is to raise money to facilitate the undertaken, the objectives should be clearly understood by the investor, and their roles in bringing about the success of the project should not be ignored.”

Some people like to build parallels between ICOs and the IPOs of the modern technological era. But, this analogy is incongruent — the problem being that the great majority of projects behind (Initial Coin Offering) s can not present a functioning product or service.

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