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Monero mining: what is it?

Today there are a lot of crypto currencies. The staggering story of bitcoin prompted those wishing to earn money to follow other types of digital tokens that were extracted later, so getting them now is easier. In particular, to monero interest appeared in September 2016, when 1 unit was in a short time to cost 10 dollars.

Monero mining: what is it?
Monero mining

What is required for monero mining in principle?

Video card. And experienced users say that the result with Nvidia is much better than what ATI shows.

Monero mining: what is it?

However, regardless of the specific information on the video card is suitable in general, any. The main thing that it was.

How to run a monero?

Next, you need a specific program and pool. In terms of software optimal is Claymore CryptoNote GPU Miner. Mining is usually using the latest version. After downloading, you need to go to the settings. To do this, you will need to find the Pool.bat file, open it with a notebook and see what’s inside.

There will be some code. You do not need it. Instead of what was (erase), enter other information. That is NsGpuCNMiner -, then there is a pool, or rather, the address, then the data of the wallet. The most recent is usually the password, if any. The fact is that not every pool requires it at all.

So, your code should look like this:

NsGpuCNMiner -o stratum + tcp: // 3333 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p x

And the first here is the address of the pool, and YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS is the address of the wallet. Instead of x, you must provide a password. But if it is not, then leave it as it was.

As you might guess, a pool is required to run the monero. Today there are a lot of them, choose which one you like best. There is Monerohash, MoneroPool, but in general any actual address can be found without problems on the Web. In terms of mining, the monero does not differ much from all the other crypto-currencies: the data here are pretty obsolete.

Monero mining: what is it?

So, after you have software and a pool for mining, you will only need to save all the changes described above and run. By the way, the pool also shows statistics for mining monero in a special window. There you have to enter the wallet data to see if you have a process or not.

Beginners sometimes have trouble. In this case, you can advise you to remove the programs, return everything as it was and try to repeat the described. Only very carefully. When entering a wallet, you should also avoid making mistakes, that is, no extra spaces or other signs.

Monero mining: what is it?

As for the information on the video card, it is usually suitable any, even outdated. So there should not be any trouble here. In a word, it is quite easy to clear this crypto currency. Try, who knows, maybe in the future you will have an incredible financial success!