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 More About Files.FM

Files.FM is an IT company that builds advanced and powerful products for file storage applications since 2007. The company operates worldwide, it uses servers in the United States. and Europe. Current Files.FM has attracted more than 750,000 registered users and over 2 million monthly activities.

 More About Files.FM

Files.FM Ltd is an info tech firm that has developed simply to use yet powerful, advanced and innovative tool items for file storage apps since 07. Experience working, a technology jointly and knowledge of the target marketplace units the employees of the organization.

The firm has built a range of B2C and B2B systems for regular processes of firms working such in such sectors as geography, TELEMATICS, and workforce management.

Using the firm’s knowledge and experience, a solution is presently being made for storing and exchanging information for specific business requirements.

The Problem

No legal file library with specialized file search that offers both paid and free content
No unified platform for content creators or aggregators to create personal public file catalogs
No single file marketplace with effective payments, ensuring transparent remuneration system for authors and correct metadata

What benefit does blockchain technology bring to

  • Blockchain brings transparency, and security in transactions, because information about transactions stored in public ledgers cannot be changed.
  • The platform’s FFM token will act as an independent digital currency. FFM allows users and customers to become part of the economy on a platform.
  • Electronic money token transactions will be lower cost than credit cards and will allow for direct and quick internal payment, in addition to allowing users to make and make payments micro;
  • One of the token applications in the product will be file sales, not related to the current payment gateways which are too slow.

 The solution

They will build and support Library (FFL) to ensure data retention for future generations to eradicate illegal file distribution and provide free file sharing. The strengths of FFL will be usability, community and content.

We will implement a powerful search engine and catalog the system to work in any browser. . The community will be motivated with FFL tokens to make us work, they will implement a transparent blockchain database and we will use the Tit-for-Tat principles for distribution.

Content will be free to use, will be available through P2P traffic and content, and smart property content will be sold with blockchain technology.
In addition to basic functionality, the FFL platform will have special features and services.

Why use blockchain and tokens?

The level of transparency and independence that blockchain provides.
All transactions, sales and licenses are registered on a public ledger and turn immutable.We would like to create and use independently exchangeable digital currency instead of credits. Advantages

10 years experience in cloud file storage and backup solutions for SME and private users. 1M monthly web users and:

  1. cloud storage platform
  2. web and desktop apps
  3. knowledge of large scale storage systems
  4. current user base
  5. working decentralized alpha version works?

Traditional P2P networks are not reliable, because any file can become unreachable at any time.In the platform, P2P networks are used and interconnected in two main components: the independent and direct payment systems among colleagues based on the FFM blockchain and adjusted P2P networks for file sharing. between users.

What is a crowdsale or ICO campaign?

ICO stands for Initial Coin giving, that is another fundraising technique aimed toward blockchain startups wherever crypto tokens ar sold-out in exchange for tender or different cryptocurrencies.

Token and ICO

  1. BTC, ETH and USD, EUR coins are accepted
  2. FFL – $0.01.
  3. The minimum purchase is equivalent to $ 100, which will mean 100GB of storage space.
  4. Registration in the UK and Latvia
  5.  The Library Token
  6. Total Token offer : 10 000 000 000
  7. Limited offer : affirmative
  8. Price per Token : $ 0.01
  9. Symbol : FFM
  10. Type : ERC20
  11. First Year Crowdsale:
  12. Private sale : $ 1 000 000
  13. Presale : $ 1 000 000
  14. Public sale : $ 10 000 000

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