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New ICOS project from ICOBox – divorce or working model?

We disassemble the new ICO-ICOS from the ICOBox team. We invested part of the capital in this project in the early stages, in this article we will understand why we chose it, despite the large threshold of entry at the start (80BTC), whether it is worth to go to ICOS now (today the entry is by the way from 0.01 BTC – it’s about $ 40). ICOS is actually a discount card, through which you can purchase tokens on the ICO at a fixed price with a 75% discount!

ICOS Platform

If you already participated in the ICO, you noticed that some of them end up very quickly and collect millions of dollars in a few minutes (!), The Ethereum network does not stand such a large number of transactions and those who did not have time, get their airs back and they have to buy tokens are already on the exchange.

What happens to ICO-tokens when they enter the exchange (my pattern)

When the tokens go to the stock exchange after the ICO, there usually is a significant price increase first (buy those who did not have time to buy earlier), then there is a decline and stabilization (profits are fixed by the speculators who entered the ICO and earlier stages).

Stabilization is usually at a price level, which is still higher than on the ICO (with rare exceptions), since in addition to speculators, long-term investors come into the project who are planning to hold tokens and expect to increase their value by 10 or more times in the next 1-3 year, when the company begins to show results from the money collected on the ICO.

A good project is always growing, as it received funding and implements its plan. Of course, in this case the important role is played by the correct choice of projects at the very start. When choosing ICO, we always take into account:

  • Whether the project decides a real, not a contrived problem;
  • supported by a strong team;
  • has a working prototype (preferably tested in money), and not just an idea;
  • and a few dozen of the key criteria that we are analyzing in the Cryptobotany project.

The key token ICOS tokens from the company ICOBox

With ICOS tokens, you can participate in the early stages of placing Pre ICO and Early Birds, along with large investors and funds. Even with a minimum amount! At the same time you get the opportunity to buy ICO-tokens with a fixed discount of 75%, regardless of the stage of placement, even after they started trading on the stock exchange.

Members of the ICOBox team

Actual ICOS is a discount card for a 75% discount for projects that are launched through the ICOBox service. The discount is fixed and even if the project has grown 10 times on the exchange, you can buy tokens inside the ICOBox all at the same initial discount price.

What is the essence of the ICOBox project – is it not divorce?

ICOBox is a service for companies that want to enter the ICO, they offer a ready-made solution of three components:

  • marketing and project promotion;
  • Technical part and Smart contact on Ethereum ERC-20;
  • legal part (SEC-security, jurisdiction, whitepaper and others).

How much does it cost to ICO on ICOBox?

Each of the ICOBox services costs separately 25 BTC. 2 services – 40 BTC, a full package of three services – 50 BTC
Prior to the release of ICOS tokens, the team of the ICO project finances the costs of its ICO plus ICOBox received payment for its services in the form of four-time tokens of the new company.

With the ICOS tokens, the project is funded from the fund, and the tokenholders vote for the project, which will go to the ICO next.

2 functions of ICOS tokens?

When buying ICOS tokens you get:

The ability to buy tokens of companies that ICOBox received for its services from the company that launched ICO, with a fixed discount of 75%, that is 4 times cheaper than at the earliest stage of sales of Pre ICO or Early birds.

You can vote for projects that will go to the ICO, while projects are evaluated beforehand by the ICOBox team. Every day ICOBox receives from 30 to 50 applications for ICO, the team plans to run 5 projects weekly.

How ICOS tokens work

At the primary location of ICOS tokens, a pool of tokenholders (not to be confused with an investment fund) is formed, which actually pays for ICOBox services – packaging and launching of the ICO.

Tokens holders (owners of tokens) ICOS vote for projects that will be withdrawn to the ICO via the ICOBox (2 weeks preparation period, 1 month campaign period). On average, the team plans to run 5 projects a week ICOBox receives new tokens worth – 240 BTC. Of these, 200 BTC are offered for purchase by tokenholders) while the multiplier is 4 m!

The finished project goes to the ICO and then to public placement, and ICOS token owners can at any time buy the company’s tokens inside the system with a fixed discount of 75%. Actually purchasing ICOS tokens for 10 bitcoins, you can later exchange them for tokens of companies that will go to ICO 4 times cheaper than the most favorable price of their public offering, and this is 40 BTC. You choose which companies will go to ICO next week and what tokens to buy.

How to buy ICOS tokens at a discount

You can buy tokens with a discount at the ICO stage on the official website here. We with the Cryptobotany team invested a significant part of our capital in the ICOBox project.

We created a closed group in Telegram where we will regularly publish projects whose tokens we recommend to buy in the ICOBox system. This additional, more detailed verification is free for you, if you bought tokens via our referral link (our standard analytics costs 15,000 rubles for 1 ICO).

The condition for gaining access to the chat – investment in ICOS from 0.15 BTC. The company planned out of every 100 tokens 20 for development and support of the project. In other words, most of the revenue from the affiliate will go to pay for the work of analysts who will work on projects within the ICOBox and publish them for you in a closed telegram chat.

What you need to do to access the private chat by ICOBox:

  1. Step 1 – Purchase ICOS tokens on ICO
    To get a bonus in the form of access to the chat room with analytics by ICOBox, please click on this link (if you have already reviewed my video review above and the project suits you)
  2. Step 2 – Fill in the form to receive bonuses from the Cryptobotany team, specifying the amount of investments, the account in ICOBox (for confirmation to the organizers), your account in Telegram (for adding to the group), so we added you to this chat. Part of the referral income will go to pay for the work of analysts, part of the project.
  3. Step 3 – if you have any questions, add to the official Russian telegram group icobox, also you can chat there with the team, organizers and get to know them personally.

If you have already purchased ICOS tokens, then to get access to our chat, follow the link, and get a few more tokens for yourself; while the lower threshold of the chat entry is investment in ICOS from 0.15 btc