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Greetings to friends! To date, students in many countries of the world have not few restrictions, and problems on the way to obtaining such a valuable thing as education. Therefore, today we consider a platform that is designed to solve all these problems and limitations. I present to your attention the platform Odem!


Odem is a comprehensive decentralized platform that will allow students, teachers and providers of education services to participate in a direct, decentralized market, in real time. The main goal of ODEM is to make quality education more accessible to all segments of the population, regardless of geolocation and material well-being.

Thanks to blockchain technology and smart contracts, ODEM will provide an opportunity for students and professors to interact personally and participate in the exchange of knowledge without intermediaries.

Main Functions

The technology is perfect and specialists have worked on it for a long time.  Now let’s take a closer look at the basic functions of ODEM:

  1. First, provide a single educational community in which students, teachers and service providers can communicate and learn directly in a safe environment;
  2. Second, a more effective way of sharing and understanding educational requirements, goals and details to meet the rapidly changing workforce and the globalization of students and teachers;
  3. Further, to provide any type of training through the exchange of international educational experience.
  4. Provide a unified system of negotiations in real time, a description of the curriculum and payments on an agreed schedule;
  5. Integrate textbooks on curricula and plans with detailed information that will be available to all participants in order to ensure the development of educational programs that are clearly set out and agreed upon by all parties;
  6. To give an opportunity to carry out reverse translation at all levels of procurement of educational institutions.

Make it possible for students to use ODEM’s online platform to find educational materials that meet their needs, and teachers to create, offer and discuss individual educational activities.


ODEM will include the functions of a decentralized payment system that provides secure transactions for its users. The ODEM wallet will allow teachers, students and service providers to send, receive and exchange ODEM tokens.
The main sale of tokens began on February 17 and will last until March 19, 2018.

Education Team

ODEM CEO Richard Maagul is an experienced businessman from the Silicon Valley who has been working with modern breakthrough technologies for more than 20 years. Developed strategic solutions for large international corporations, such as Chevron. He is the co-founder of ODEM in the educational sphere – Excelorators Inc.


The post of executive director of ODEM is Bill Baird, a born thinker, innovator and leader. He is also co-founder of Excelorators, holds a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Tennessee’s Science Center for Health. For 6 years he served in the reserve corps of the US Marine Corps.

The main system engineer of the company is Michael Zarghem. Doctor of Science, focuses on research in the field of optimization and management of decentralized systems, the founder of BlockScience (


Assistance in the promotion of the project is provided by well-known scientists such as Harvard University professor Steve Jarding, Ingo Fiedler, co-founder of the SICOS project partner ( and a research laboratory in the field of blockade technology at the University of Hamburg, as well as Sven Baker, managing director of the consulting company Silicon Valley Mobility, with 20 years of experience in BMW, McKinsey and Stanford University.


  • The token symbol is ODEMT / ODEM.
  • Standard token – ERC20.
  • The total volume of the issue is 396,969,697 tokens.
  • Intended for sale – 238,200,000.
  • Soft-cap – $ 1,000,000.
  • Hard cap – $ 12,100,100.
  • Only ETH is accepted as payment.
  • Unexpected tokens will be redistributed to the ODEM share.

In conclusion, I want to say that this project will in future solve a very important issue, because education in the future will be very important for the release of humanity to a new level of development! Thank you for your attention, until our new friends! We hope that you liked our information.




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