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Overview: ICO Savedroid

Savedroid is already a working platform that left a trace in the German sector of financial technology. The goal of the savedroid is to help people save money on a special savings account, using personalized savings rules with the use of AI.


These rules, also known as “smooves”, short for “smart saving move”, allow users to turn their everyday habits, such as exercises, checking their smartphone, using social networking applications or buying, into savings. savedroid solved the problem of saving money for ordinary people. It provides intelligent and fully automated micro-savings and even optimizes costs, using a self-learning algorithm with user-friendly experience that everyone understands.

Unlike most finteh companies, savedroid targets an average consumer who does not want to spend his time on financial research. Users of savedroid are looking for an easy-to-use, life-style-oriented and even fun way to micro-savings to fulfill their desires, such as the next vacation or a new laptop.

How does it work?

Based on our AI technology, the so-called “smooves” transform the user’s daily activities into automatic savings. For example, you are going to run – the saveroid lays 5.00 euros for you, you press the repeat button-it is set aside 0.50 euros for you, you buy on Amazon – 5% is postponed for you … and much more.

Through our partner Wirecard, we offer each user a free savings account. With each smoove trigger, a small amount is transferred to a savings account, so the saved amount increases every day. And the system works: several million transactions for savings were initiated through the savedroid application, and several million euros were put aside to achieve the individual desires of our users and maximize their lifestyle.

savedroid is not only “saving money” in the sense of “saving money”, but also reducing costs for everyday expenses. Since savedroid algorithms have an idea of ​​what transfers a user makes from his bank account, he can determine which contracts he pays. Using this information, the AI ​​self-learning algorithm independently compiles individual offers that are cheaper or provide the best value for money.


The team will transfer successful and useful products to the world of crypto currency to provide efficient and convenient crypto-savings and investments. To eliminate adaptation barriers and make crypto-currencies available to everyone, savedroid will provide all the tools necessary for its users: tools for purchasing crypto-currency, storing crypto-currency, for using crypto-currency and for investing in crypto-currencies.

ICO Savedroid

Of course, the popular “smooves” will also be available, so that users can not only automatically save money in a fiat currency, but also directly in crypto-currencies without any additional problems!

Smart-savings and expenses in crypto-currencies

The self-learning algorithm of the savedroid AI will allow users to efficiently switch their savings between crypto-currencies, and also conveniently spend their crypto-savings to meet the desired needs. Thus, users can trade crypto-currencies with an easy finger touch without having to worry about placing complex exchange buy-sell orders. The goal is to create an ecosystem in which users can change crypto-currencies within the savedroid community with minimal costs and the best user experience.

Smart investments in crypto-currency portfolios, derivatives and ICO:

To ensure efficient and diversified revenue opportunities, savedroid will allow users to easily invest their savings in crypto-currencies. To this end, the savedroid will improve their AI and offer a self-learning algorithm for investing in portfolios of crypto-currency, derivatives and ICO directly in the savedroid application.

Road map

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