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Overview ICO SID

SID (Share Internet Data) is a peer-to-multi-peer decentralized internet sharing system that allows sharing internet from one person’s Android smartphone to another nearby in an automated manner. One of our key missions through the SID project: “To lift as many people as possible out of poverty by means of giving the less fortunate a way to access the Internet”.

Certain users will be able to get free Internet access by obtaining tokens in exchange for consuming advertising. Such obtained tokens can then be used to consume internet megabytes from other nearby Users in exchange for tokens OR Users will simply trade some of their tokens directly with other SID Users.

What is the SID project?

Share Internet Data is a fully decentralized system of exchange over the Internet. It allows you to share the Internet between different smart devices and gadgets.

Under the intelligent system of various gadgets, the platform will be able to provide two-point crowdsourcing as well as Internet sharing to provide network access on a global scale. Users with smartphones can now access the Internet thanks to devices that are located next to the fully automatic mode.

Operation of THE SID platform

Now it’s time to talk in more detail about how this unique platform performs its work. Within the framework of the platform, a token will also be issued, which will be called SIDT. It will allow token buyers to pay for Internet access between themselves. The cryptocurrency coin will also be used to pay for various transactions in the SID network.

This unique solution allows each user to view ads and earn tokens. Then all tokens can be used to access the Internet. The business model is truly unique and allows users from deprived areas to access the network.

Detail ICO

Name of the token: SIDT.

Price: 0.1 EUR.

Platform: Stellar.

Adoption: BTC, BCH, BTG, LTC, ETH, XLM, Fiat.

Minimum investment: 500 euro.

Hard cap: 80 000 000 euro.

Benefits of the project SID

  1. Specialists conduct thorough testing. A franchise has already been developed as part of the integration with the Dunkin Donuts SID app. This decision was called Dunkin Coffee.
  2. The company already has a finished product that everyone can download.
  3. The connection will be completely secure, so smartphone owners can no longer worry about the safety of their data.

These are the main advantages that lead the project to a leading position. Thanks to these advantages, the site was a success.

Project team

Today only experienced professionals who have incredible experience work on the development of the platform. Each employee has been engaged in development for a long time and now applies his knowledge within the SID platform.

SID is by right a unique platform that really promises to be able to make the Internet available to almost everyone. Basically, investors are attracted by the fact that such projects do not yet exist. Accordingly, investing in this site will soon be able to benefit.

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