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Overview of ICO DIW

DIW is a project that integrates all aspects of human activity and is a personal decentralized service for identification, and allows you to use all the features of blockchain for storing and transferring information.Overview of ICO DIW

What is important to know

As the motto of the DIW project says: “Your virtual life is safe and decentralized!”, We proceed to safe familiarization. Indeed, the problems that bother many Internet users are solved, which is very encouraging. Because not every project can imagine something, and if it can – sometimes it will not work on its head.

In our case, DIW – is worth a lot of attention and detailed familiarization, as its integration into operating systems can change the Internet for the better. The roadmap of the project seems too simple. But genius lies precisely in simplicity – nothing superfluous, immediately to the point!

Problems that the project solves:

Increasing data leakage

Theft and leakage of confidential data are steadily increasing. This applies to both companies and individuals. The consequences are so few. DIW creates its own virtual network in which the user can safely store the entire virtual life, including documents, passports, contacts. Access to the network is provided only to users who have confirmed their personal data. passing KYC / KYS.

Using crypto currency

The use of crypto currency is complex and not always safe in the hands of a beginner, it is very easy to enter the wrong address, and there is no return. In addition, in real life, the use of crypto currency is limited. DIW is going to solve this problem by presenting its global decentralized network on the block with its ecosystem and currency.

We will connect payment gateways in Fiat and modules for integration of sites. You can buy and sell anything for DIW.

Growing Fraud on the Internet

According to a recent report, 75% of companies that participated in the global survey were victims of fraud and 69% were financially affected. In turn, the physical persons% are even more, since we are less prepared. And every year the number grows.

 Thanks to the internal infrastructure built on the blockroom, scammers will not be able to deceive the network and therefore users will be safe.

Information about the allocation of funds is very important. Understanding the picture – where the money will go will not only calm the first fervor after getting acquainted with the steep technology. This gives an idea of ​​how well the team has thought its way and how they deal with accounting.ICO DIW

Very often there are simply brilliant projects with an incomprehensible team. Also, in the ICO sphere, it is not uncommon to reverse. That’s why you should pay attention not only to the idea but also to the people who will do the promised. As Vitaly Buterin put it: “We need the team to fight for the maintenance and development of the project, because not everyone can bring it to the end.” Specifically in this project the team is worthy of the project, as well as vice versa – the project is worthy of the team.

Team DIW is reassuring. Such specialists as Stephanos Constantinou, Christopher Zenios, Simon Zenios, Lucas Andrew H .- will confidently lead and motivate the team.

The development team: Anton Bogdanov, Steven Nonis, Michael Jakobsen, George Zachariou, Constantina Samara, Nikolas Konstantinou, Ben Boyadjian, led by Chrysanthos Nonis unambiguously. The delivery will show the maximum result. Guys with experience, especially in the field of blokchain.

DIW team
DIW team

White Paper DIW is open for registration. The algorithm of participation is simple: go to the site and register. Everything is very easy, it’s visually clear where everything is in the whole registration path, as well as in your personal account. Like two fingers on the asphalt. Of course, verification of KYC is required if you want to invest more than 7 ETH, where now without it. But if the investment amount is less than 7 ETH – verification is not required. Do not lose the opportunity, you can buy DIW tokens today.

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