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Porno-X is the first crypto currency that allows you to make quick online payments to the porn industry. Made a crypto currency based on the network Lightning, it allows you to remove fees, makes payments instant and safe.Porno-X token

«It is important to know! The Porno-X does not have a control center. Therefore, complete anonymity in the network is ensured, which is necessary for every person who watches porn on the Internet.»

Advantages of the PornX project

I will highlight several of the most important advantages of this project:

  1. All transactions will take place within a few seconds (if we are talking about paying for the content of erotic content).
  2. Exchange and purchase takes a few minutes, everything depends on gas here.
  3. During the transactions, the autonomy is observed, which is so lacking in this segment now.
  4. You can make payment through a mobile application that supports many functions.
  5. You can pay for content using a single token, while applying special efforts.
  6. The Token of this platform will be distributed around the world.

Where to use

Porno-X application to:

  1. Porn sites
  2. Erotic video chats
  3. Adult online video games
  4. VR-video

Brief information

  • Official site –;
  • Category: Adults;
  • Price of the token: 1 PORNX = 0.4 USD;
  • White paper: Opened;
  • Platform: Ethereum;
  • Currencies: BTC, ETH, CVC;
  • Type: Pre-ICO;
  • Purpose of fees (Soft cap): 1.500.000 USD;
  • Purpose of fees (Hard cap): 5.000.000 USD;
  • Released tokens: 255.000.000 PORNX.

How PornX works

The platform is different and fairly simple work. In order to fully use the capabilities of this platform, it is enough to perform several simple actions:

  • download the mobile PornX application on your mobile phone;
  • replenish the balance;
  • pay video of erotic content at the touch of a button, after reading the QR code.

It’s simpler to make a payment procedure now. Therefore, we can say with all certainty that the PornX platform will be actively used by many people throughout the world.

The Porn_X command

You can see the photos and the names of the developers in the photo:

Road map

The PornX team has thought out a detailed plan for its development and all for only one – to become a leader in this segment of the market.

You can see the detailed development plan on the following photo:

I will note! It is a detailed plan for the development of the project that ensures success.

Mobile application X-Wall Wallet

The application has the following capabilities:

  1. Available in 10 languages.
  2. Storage of TOP-40 popular currencies in a convenient mobile interface.
  3. Storage of new Tokens created on the ERC-20 protocol.
  4. Keeping and using Pornx as a currency for paying porn.
  5. Technical support in 5 languages.
  6. Exchange for fiat money inside a mobile application.
    Mobile application Porno-X

    Mobile application Porno-X

“It is important to know! Now the popular porn sites, Brazzers, DorcelTV, Livejasmin, YapBox actively introduce tokens Porno-X, perfectly aware of their main advantages and capabilities.”

How the Porno-X platform works

In the photo you can clearly see how the Porno-X token works and how it differs from the usual method of payment:

     How Porno-X works

How Porno-X works


According to preliminary forecasts, Bounty launched on January 22. The campaign offers 2 directions: a sweet bonus for buying tokens and directly accruing without your investments. If the first provides from 10 to 35% depending on the period of purchase, the features of the second are not specified even in White Paper, except for the limit limit of the bonus – 2%.

I will assume that traditionally this posting, comments on special resources, help in translating into other languages, placing advertisements on their sites. Interestingly, there is no information on earnings without investments on Porn_X on other special resources.

Video reviews


PornX is an innovative project in the segment of erotic content that provides simple and fast payment, and most importantly – anonymity. This is not enough now in this segment, so we can say with all certainty that it is doomed to success. And now there is a second stage of sales of tokens, where PornX collects funds for its development.

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