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Questions about cryptotrading

What are the main strategies you use?

In fact, there are 3 trading strategies – strategy ‘portfolio’, strategy ‘rates’, strategy ‘trading’:

  1. Portfolio strategy is when you simply buy one or more currencies in your portfolio every time you fall. Your task is to buy a large number of bitcoins at the lowest average price. Expect that eventually the course will grow and you will get rich.
  2. The strategy of “betting” implies that you have a certain amount of money that you are willing to lose and on certain news, on certain trading signals that are present in the network and that we also give, you simply put this amount in the hope that the price will increase several times-x2 capital, x4 capital, X10, X40 capital. But if you make a mistake, of course, the amount of your bet burns.
  3. Strategy “trading” – this is when you make a profit from trading operations-bought bitcoin at the bottom of 2800, sold 5000. The price fell again to 3,000 – bought for 3000, sold for 6000. Sold the equivalent of 6,000 – bought again for 4 800, earned. That is, your profit is obtained from regular tracking of the price movement and making a purchase and sale. As a rule, a trader can earn on this.

What tactics bring the most in the cryptocurrency market and ICO?

We use a slightly different approach. Each of us, who pass the training program, is based on a different concept. We proceed from the ultimate financial life goal of everyone. When this financial goal is defined, it becomes clear how much you need to invest in a particular strategy every month, and what profitability should bring the final result of these three strategies. Thus, your task is not to search for a particular instrument and the regular investment of funds in various strategies, and to achieve a certain yield.

For example, our strategy looks like this: in order to earn 100 million rubles of capital in 10 years, you need to make 60 thousand rubles a month in your investment portfolio, and that the investment portfolio, that is, the totality of all financial instruments gave you at least 47 percent a year.

All that above you can spend on yourself, and if you want to achieve this result quickly – either increase the profitability of their strategies, or increase the number of regular monthly installments. Since we do this on a regular basis – we have a production rate, and it is impossible to allocate any particular transaction to date. Probably our best recommendation is a recommendation to trade ZEC/BTC. We recommended buying below 0.5 in anticipation of 0.9% growth. Here on this chart, you can track the rate changes.

Course change

Further, when the curve fell again to 0.5, we recommended to make a purchase below 0.5. To date, we have bought at 0.47, the price fell at some point to 0.31, we averaged the purchase at 0.36,-thus, we now have an operating loss. But we believe that the price will still return to the range 0.7-0.9, and then we will fix the profit.

What are the prospects for bitcoin and how to assess the prospects?

There is a training program, we will announce it in the near future, and you can register in it. This program describes everything in detail: how to determine the value of an altcoin, how to evaluate them, how to acquire them. We recommend our training program and focus not on a specific financial instrument, but on the integrity of the strategy that ultimately leads you to the final financial result. To say that at the moment this or that coin, or ICO, or this or that couple is more favorable, than others – is senseless.

In the absence of a strategy, your actions become chaotic. You sort of sort of sort of go through the tools, create the visibility of the activity, but actually stay in place. Somewhere won, somewhere lost, and the final result is about zero, and our task – to move forward and eventually for each of us – to earn capital.

What is the minimum capital you need to trade?

Lets go back to Robert Sheckley “the defendant”. Question about anything because it is taken out of context. I do not know what kind of capital you have, I do not know what your value of cash flow, I do not know what kind of cash in the form of loans you can attract. And since there is no source for these numbers, then your question is impossible to answer. To at least some answer was-you can trade any capital. At the moment the brokerage company has introduced to its range a cryptocurrency, so-called contracts for difference, and you can trade these contracts.

There, the Deposit starts at $ 100, this is the so-called micro Forex where you can make General minimum contracts – 0.001 lots and get 0.00001 cents in case you guessed it. Let’s just say – with $ 100 you can start trading.

How much does technical analysis work in the crypt?

Technical analysis, in our view, is a so-called self-actualizing prophecy. That is, we consider technical analysis as a General agreement of society, a General agreement of people. Let me give you a simple example. Technical analysis can be compared with the rules of the road: all stakeholders agreed that a red light is not going to yellow – ready, green – go. But this does not mean that it is impossible to go to the red light.

The development of bitcoin

So here: technical analysis, of course, helps somehow organize the available information and allows you to make some assumption that if all market participants use it, the first adjustment according to the Fibonacci level will be at 23.6. If everyone adheres to the idea that technical analysis works, then naturally, everyone at the peak will sell and wait for this initial correction. Or they will wait for the second correction at 38.2% of the price movement.

Thus, technical analysis is not a science, but a set of social rules, which are described in the form of mathematical formulas, fixed in the indicators that we monitor on the chart.

In the training course, I have already said that there are so-called candlestick patterns that were invented by the Japanese rice trader. And here is on the basis of these candlestick patterns can be suggest, far will move the price. That is, if the candlestick patterns worked very well on rice trading, although rice is generally not a monetary unit, it is still a food item. It can be assumed that this is some kind of partial calculation currency, and naturally, candlestick patterns can also work anywhere else on the market. The same with cryptocurrency – here is a direct analogy.