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Review of ICO CryptoPay

Impossibility of instant exchange of tokens on fiat money, goods and services in many respects hinders the development of the crypto-currency market. A new CryptoPay product is aimed at solving this problem.

The European company CryptoPay exists since 2013 and since 2014 issues debit bitcoin-cards, integrated into the MasterCard system. Their products are already used by 55 thousand people around the world. CryptoPay cards have increased limits on cash withdrawals – from 1,600 to 5,000 euros per day. Now the company plans to scale its business and reach a new level.

ICO CryptoPay

On October 2, the public ICO CryptoPay started. In the course of a token, it is planned to collect from 20 to 30 million dollars.

The cost of the tokens and the terms of participation

ICO CryptoPay has already started and will last until October 30. Bonus in the form of tokens: +2.5 – 10% (details below). You can pay for participation in the airs (the minimum threshold of entry through us for the bonus is 2 eth).  At the Pre-sale stage less than 5 days, more than half of the total amount was collected – 32,000 ETH. By purchasing tokens until October 17, you can receive additional bonuses.

Why successful ICO?

CryptoPay is an ambitious company, and 55,000 cards are far from the limit of their capabilities. They already have a working product, but they want to scale their business. The money will be used to produce a new product, which will enable:

  1. buy shares for owners of digital tokens.
  2. create bank accounts for owners of digital tokens.

Users can perform all operations without transferring tokens into Fiat, in their personal account on the site. Thanks to this, holders of digital tokens will get a lot of new opportunities without having to change the crypt for fiat money. The implementation of such a project can be a real breakthrough and bring the entire crypto-currency market to a new level, because the more opportunities to use their tokens:

  • the more reasons to buy or to drop coins for those who have them;
  • the more new people will be attracted to this market.

Debit cards CryptoPay

In addition, the implementation of the project will allow the company to enter the Chinese market, which has a huge potential, because while the Chinese are afraid to buy non-Chinese shares – and this is potentially a very large capital injection.

Security questions

Security is one of the key issues for any ICO project. The CryptoPay team is certified as a service provider and fully complies with the requirements of the payment system.

Tokens will be sold in the EU, but not in America. The CryptoPay protocol is not recognized as SEC-safe in the US, but the maps themselves are oriented to Europe.

Why we decided to participate in ICO CryptoPay

We analyzed the project and decided to participate in ICO CryptoPay, because the team of this project does not sell a naked idea or a dream – it’s a working business with great prospects, which already generates revenue. CryptoPay enables the Chinese to legally buy shares of European companies, and this is a huge and very promising market.
The company has all necessary certificates and security protocols and fully complies with the requirements of the payment system. There were no attempts to break into CryptoPay bank cards and complaints from cardholders.