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Review of ICO DomRaider

Domraider-French startup since 2013, which is engaged in the interception of expired domains, site attendance– 100 – 120 000 visitors (Similar Web). Every month about 1 million domains are available for order.


Decentralized blockchain-based auction system

  1. low transaction fees.
  2. absolute transparency.
  3. the absence of intermediaries.
  4. confirmation of the bet less than 1 second.
  5. unified auction system (a single interface, thin clients to a wide variety of auctions around the world).

The stages of the project

  1. Make a prototype on the basis of the Blockchain.
  2. Implement a system of auctions on its site.
  3. Implement transparent auction blockchain on the largest platforms and partner with near-auction services (legal guarantees, Bank guarantees).


How to book doomrider tokens to ICO and get an additional cashback +5%. Bitcoin or Ethereum transfer – no extra charges or commissions (tokens will be calculated by the organizers at the price of 0.10€. Ruble money transfer Cash in (!)- Commission 5%.

Restrictions on participation through us (Agency scheme)

The minimum amount of input: 0.15 BTC, ETH 2, or 40 000 rubles. Offer limit by quantity: only 100 000 € (100 million tokens), we will not be able to sell more, we will close the share as soon as this volume is selected. Deadline for participation: Monday, 11 September to 19: 00. We hope that this information was useful and interesting.