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Satoshi – what is it and how can you earn it

Money is an integral part of our life: it is simply impossible to imagine the modern world without them. During its existence (and this is almost three thousand years!), Money has gone a long way and has radically changed – first of all, outwardly. Now these are not metal circles, not gold or silver coins, often not even paper notes: in our time people are increasingly using cash and plastic cards, as well as electronic money, for payments.

Satoshi - what is it and how can you earn it

Finally, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, cryco-currency bitcoin appeared – without exaggeration, the most unusual means of payment, the top of the money pyramid, which completes all the way that money passed during its existence. This currency does not exist in physical terms: it functions only on the Internet, but it can easily be changed to ordinary money.

«Probably, bitcoins differ from the first money as well as modern man differs from his ancestors, who lived for several centuries before our era».

But besides the external difference that bitcoins do not have a physical shell, there is another, even more fantastic difference: they are not provided with anything.

What is Satoshi

The ruble consists of one hundred kopecks, the dollar is a hundred cents, and bitcoin consists of satos. How much Satosh is contained in one bitcoin?

Not a hundred or even a thousand, but 100,000,000. Satoshi is the smallest indivisible bit of bitcoin.

It received its name in honor of the creator of electronic currency Satoshi Nikamoto – presumably, a Japanese, brilliant mathematician and cryptographer.

However, the identity of this person (or group of persons) is unknown to anyone. Translated from the Japanese name Satoshi Nikamoto translated as “clearly thinking inside the system.” Perhaps it’s a pseudonym of a completely different person or several developers of the bitcion system, and in fact such a man never existed. In any case, the creator of the bitcoins retired from business in 2010, soon after the appearance of the crypto currency, and since then has no direct relationship to his offspring. Now only the name of a bit of bitcoin reminds of it, because it was Mr. Nikamoto who determined how much Satosh would be in 1 bitcoin, and divided 1 btc into 100 million parts.

How many satoshs in the ruble, dollar and other currencies

The course of bitcoins has changed greatly in recent years: there have been both ups and downs. Initially, the new currency was worth a penny, but in February 2011 bitcoin equaled the dollar, and by June its rate exceeded $ 30. Over the past year, the bitcoin rate has increased more than fivefold and by the summer of 2017 has exceeded the $ 2,500 mark (this is more than 150,000 rubles). Such a rapid growth can not boast of any of the most reliable currencies! And along with bitcoin, Satoshi also becomes more expensive.

«1 dollar = 39200 satoshi = 0.000392 btc

1 euro = 45300 satoshi = 0.000454 btc

1 ruble = 666 satoshi = 0.00000666 btc

1 hryvnia = 1518 satoshi = 0.00001518 btc»

In order to quickly calculate the cost of your existing bitcoin and satoshi, you can use the online converter, reflecting the daily fluctuations of the rate and instantly recalculating your existing crypto currency for ordinary money. You can find it, for example.

«When calculating it is necessary to take into account that the exchange rate is constantly changing, besides, different exchange sites can give different values for the cost of bitcoins”

Do not doubt that Satoshi is real money that can be cashed. There are many web-resources offering to transfer your accumulation of electronic cash into tangible cash. And if before bitcoin was almost worthless, and satoshs were not taken at all seriously given the number of satoshs in one bitcoin, then with the current course the situation has changed a lot.

Many people, inspired by the rising cost of bitcoins in recent years, are wondering how to become the owner of treasured electronic money? After all, those who were able to get bitcoins at the dawn of their appearance, fabulously enriched! And although it is not so cheap to buy the crypto currency as it was a few years ago, many believe that it will still grow significantly in value.

Bitcoins and satos can be bought, earned or obtained.

At the same time, if you do not have large cash savings that you are ready to transfer to the crypto currency, and you do not have a powerful computer system that allows it to be extracted, and also taking into account how much satosh is contained in 1 bitcoin, you are unlikely to quickly be able to earn bitcoins and start with Satoshi.

«The easiest way to acquire a treasured currency is, of course, a purchase. You can buy Satoshi and bitcoins in exchange offices and on stock exchanges (of course, both are in the online space), as well as buy directly from the owners”.

The latter option allows you to do without intermediaries; it will suit those who have proven friends among the owners of this currency; otherwise you risk running into speculators, giving them money and staying with nothing.

In the case of exchanges through exchanges or exchangers, be careful: look for the most profitable rate and pay attention to the system commission for the operation of exchange and withdrawal of money.

Thus, if you have purse money (like ordinary rubles, dollars, euros, hryvnia, etc.), or electronic cash, and you want to exchange them for satoshi, it’s very easy. It is enough to create a purse bitcoin, choose an exchange office and transfer your funds to the crypto currency. Similarly, you can make an exchange in the opposite direction, cashed out the satos stored in your purse.

Satoshi - what is it and how can you earn it

If you are not ready to part with your savings and transfer them to bitcoins and satoshi, you still want to become the owner of this currency, you still have to earn or “mine” (in other words – to extract, produce) it in the network. Let’s look at these options for getting Satoshi.

Many web-resources will offer you to perform some simple actions for Satoshi. To do this, you do not need to have any special skills – even a schoolboy who has access to the Internet will be able to earn Satoshi. Go over advertising links, drive crap, play games and so on. For such simple actions the site (also called bitcoin-crane) will pay satoshi, listing them to the specified wallet.

«This method attracts many newcomers with their accessibility. It is quite real – especially if it is responsible to approach the selection of sites and work only on proven sites with a good reputation and positive feedback”

But before you start, try to calculate what kind of earnings you can achieve. After all, in order to receive more or less worthy payment in real money, you need to accumulate in your wallet at least hundreds of thousands, or better – millions of satosh. About 40 thousand of these particles cost one dollar – that is, the earnings of 100 thousand in satoshi in ordinary money to date is only 2.5 dollars, and besides you have to pay a commission for exchange and withdrawal of money.

Satoshi - what is it and how can you earn it

Of course, you can earn at once on several cranes, use various programs that help to operate in parallel on different resources in automatic mode, and also hope that the bitcoin rate will grow. And still, correlate your strengths and time costs with possible earnings, so as not to be disappointed.