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Top ways to buy bitcoins – the best exchanges and exchangers

Many of us who create our own digital wallet, sooner or later face the problem of how you can buy bitcoins for rubles, and in which place to conduct this procedure as profitable. In fact, for this purpose it will be most important to choose the place where you plan to buy bitcoin for rubles in the future.

Ways to buy bitcoins

On the Internet today, there is a huge selection of various methods for buying bitcoins. This can be the direct use of any exchangers automatic or manual type or special exchanges. Let’s consider in detail each of the options.

Top 3 popular exchanges, where for rubles you can buy bitcoin

If you want to use stock exchanges to buy bitcoins, then the good news for you is that here you can find the most affordable rates. An equally important advantage of such places is that, if necessary, you can make an exchange very quickly. In addition, you can directly find a buyer, and thus save money on commissions when exchanging.

But first of all you need to find the best exchanges, where you can buy bitcoins for rubles. Here are 3 most popular:

  1. EXMO.
  2. LiveCoin.
  3. LocalBitcoins.

A universal site, which hosts a huge number of all sorts of functions that allow you to quickly replace the units of “digital gold” and vice versa, is the EXMO site. It hosts a huge number of crypto-currencies, but the main feature of the service is that it can be used to exchange not only rubles, but also other types of currency. Also with the help of the EXMO website you can not only exchange bitcoin in a profitable way, but also safely store them – that is, your analog also serves as an analogue of the purse. In this case, the commission fee here is the smallest and is only 0.2%.

Purchase bitcoin on the exchange

No less universal place is LiveCoin, where you can not only carry out the process of buying tokens, but also bet on the chosen course. Now this place is considered as the most trusted service where you can trade. And he deserved the first place in the rating due to the fact that making a replacement for bitcoins for different types of money, you do not have to pay a commission at all.

And to make search around the world for buyers and sellers, LocalBitcoins can be an excellent option. On this resource to date, supported by about 70 different trading pairs. It is the most untwisted due to the fact that it is here that you can independently look for a buyer and a seller, and if necessary even bargain with it.

Top 3 popular exchangers, where you can buy bitcoins for rubles

If you need rubles or other cu exchange for crypto currency and / or vice versa, then you can do this process using automatic or manual exchangers. This is the most optimal solution, if the action needs to be made in a maximum of 15-20 minutes. The undeniable advantage of such services is that they provide an absolute guarantee for the transfer of funds and carry out this action with a minimum commission, and in some cases even without it. Among the most common services of such a plan are:

  • AlfaCashier.
  • WebMoney.
  • EasyBit.

The real find is AlfaCashier, whose exclusivity lies in the fact that it offers a minimum commission fee and the most profitable exchange. At the same time, each user after a certain period of time has the opportunity to purchase or sell currency units with an incredible discount.

WebMoney also has crypto currency, but only here it is called WMX. The key feature of WebMoney is that you can transfer it only to your wallet within the exchanger. This is an ideal solution for those who want to earn some money on the constant currency races.

To replace the e-currency, EasyBit is a good and untwisted option. The transfer commission is only about 2%, and the whole procedure will take no more than 15 minutes. The rarity of this place is that it allows you to produce completely confidential transactions.

How does the acquisition of the Russian Federation’s crypto currency look like?

By the first half of 2017, Bitcoin had forced many states to take action to ban, restrict or control their own generation by users. This is due to the fact that if humanity begins to actively switch to digital tokens, then in future all their money will lose their value, and governments will lose the most important levers of citizen management.

For example, China has long been banning the sale and purchase of crypto currency, but despite this, it still continues to be actively used. Naturally, political rhetoric strongly influences its cost. On the territory of Russia for several years there have been disputes on this issue, as many wish to prohibit, while others wish to legalize it. Now its reception in the Russian Federation is authorized, but thus it is not authorized to order the goods and services. To do this, you first need to change them for real money and use it quietly for your own purposes to purchase various goods and pay for services.