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TruePlay ICO Details

The TruePlay gambling platform was created with the goal of solving serious problems, such as the manipulation of game outcomes, low transaction speed, and hindered cash-outs.


Now there is a problem that many unscrupulous players replenish their deposits from stolen Bank cards. There are also companies that just cheat players. TruePlay was developed by a team with over a decade’s worth of experience in the business. It is a product that is certain to become a game-changer for the online gambling community.


Details of the project

TruePlay is a B2B platform that includes a full range of different software solutions for gaming business. True Play plans simply to give players access to their software. All the technologies that the company has developed are aimed at actively developing online gaming and make it as transparent as possible from any point of view. In the photo below you can see when the pre-sale starts.

Старт продаж

With the use of various gaming machines that have been developed on the blockchain technology, players can be fully confident that the gaming establishment will simply not be able to undermine the results. For the active development of technologies requires good funding. To do this, the TruePlay team decided to hold a token sale. During the process, the team will sell WinCoin tokens. They will be used for settlements within the gambling ecosystem.


TruePlay is an Ethereum-based software platform for gambling that uses smart contracts to guarantee complete transparency and provide an unparalleled level of security that includes protecting gambling sites in case of a break-in attempt. Series of rounds are held in an encrypted data storage.

A proven industry standard of AES-256 and better is used for encryption. Network-level SSL secures Information transmitted between the data storage and the platform. As you can see, the experts provided a quality security system. It is reliable, which attracts the attention of many investors.

Information about ICO TruePlay

  1. Token: TPLAY.
  2. Platform: Ethereum.
  3. Standard: ERC20.
  4. Number: 70 000 000 TPLAY.
  5. Price: 1 TPLAY = 0.0012 ETH.
  6. Payment: ETH, BTC.
  7. Soft cap: 3 000 ETH.
  8. Hard cap: 43 000 ETH.

Team TruePlay

Команда TruePlay

Команда TruePlay1

The project covers only those problems that really exist. The project already has a prototype of a working casino, which is a plus, since investors can get acquainted with it in detail before investing their funds.

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