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Underwater gems of earnings on equipment for mining

Let’s talk about the pitfalls and problems that you may encounter. On the one hand, all schemes are simple and understandable. But in every topic there are nuances and pitfalls: they need to be sorted out so as not to lose their means.

Schemes of fraud

Where there are big money, there are a lot of scammers, and you have to be very careful. Here are some examples of how not to fall for their tricks.

  1. The equipment does not come at all. Real case: a man ordered 25 pieces of Asic-9 from China, and on receipt in Moscow found that instead of equipment in the package only two power supplies. The weight of the Aisikov roughly coincides with the weight of the two power supplies, so the transport company did not suspect anything. And when a person opened the box, there were only two power packs instead of Asic, and the buyer lost a large amount. Therefore, before making an order, you need to check supplier contacts.
  2. Suppliers disappear after prepayment. Some go further – they sign a contract with you, invite you to the office for payment, show you the documents of the firm, then they take the money, but because of the great temptation to appropriate this money to themselves – they simply disappear. You can sue, but you will not prove anything. Even if you prove it, it’s unclear to whom this organization is registered: this is either a one-day event or the directors have already disappeared.
Problems of earning for mining

Therefore, you must be very careful in terms of selecting suppliers and partners through which you will import the equipment. It should be trusted contacts that you trust to not get into this situation and not lose your money.

Risk of confiscation and receipt of defective equipment

Another situation is the confiscation of equipment. Communicating with competitors, learning how people import equipment, it becomes clear that very few people do it in white. Almost all import through some gray schemes and without certificates. How can you lose money for your money here? Firstly, sometimes the customs are simply taken out of the equipment because of the left documents, and you do not even get it. Sometimes this happens on a tip: you have already received your equipment, but due to the fact that they do not have documents on the tip, they just come and arrest your mining farm and all the equipment. In such cases, the room is described, and the owner loses his farm.

One more nuance. This summer (around June 2018) should introduce a law on mining, that is, the state will begin to regulate this area of ​​activity. Then they want to introduce a tax. The people who are engaged in mining, will start to shake and check, therefore it is necessary to be very attentive. Now you need to buy equipment only with documents, because without them you will simply be deprived of it. Price lists for equipment without documents may seem more interesting: many prefer to save money and hope for good luck. But as a result, you can simply lose all the equipment.

Another risk is to get defective equipment. Already there are a lot of similar stories: the buyer paid for the equipment, got it, but when turned on it turns out that it does not work. Most likely, it simply was not tested in China. Due to the fact that the guarantee return is unprofitable, you also just remain without your money, because it is very expensive to ship the equipment to China and then back it up. The plant usually gives 6 months of warranty, but with the current situation and the price of delivery in fact it is unprofitable to send it.

Another problem that can be encountered is space and electricity. The equipment is very noisy. Because of this, placing it in an apartment or in a house is very problematic. The equipment heats up, it is very hot, and it consumes a lot of electricity. If you put 5-10 units in your home, the wiring simply can not withstand such power of electricity. Therefore, here it is necessary to solve the problem with the room – where to place this equipment.

How to get equipment for mining at the lowest price

We purchase equipment directly from the factory at the lowest prices. The guys from our team flew to China more than once. In the photo – the main office of BITMAIN.

If you are interested, you can buy with our team also on the most profitable schemes, because now the plant has the problem of such a plan: all equipment is sold even before the opening of a buy order. Orders are opened for five minutes, but the person does not have time to make an application, because the equipment is sold very quickly.

Mining equipment
Buy equipment for mining needs in proven companies

Since our team communicates directly with the plant, we have the opportunity to buy it even before opening orders at the lowest prices and check all the equipment in China before shipping. A team member regularly flies to China and checks each unit so that there are no problems with defective equipment so that customers do not lose money. The equipment is brought to Russia only officially, with all the certificates.

Now a lot of people turn a blind eye to this, but when the mining law is introduced and all farm mining begins to be checked, there will be a lot of confiscated equipment – simply because people imported it through gray schemes without documents and certificates. We have all the necessary documents, so there will not be any problems, even if they introduce a tax or come with a check. Also, we insure the cargo for one hundred percent of the cost, because there are any cases – somewhere they can smash it, hit it, something can get lost, disappear. Our cargo is insured, and in case of any problems, the insurance company will return the funds in full.

Also we can place your equipment in one of our data centers to help you solve the problem with the room, with the power of electricity, with noise. In other words, you can get your equipment, immediately transfer it to us, so we placed it in our data center and set up your wallet, to which you will profit from the mining. We do not have access to your money, just equipment costs with us: we monitor it so that it works smoothly, and you get money for your wallet.

Date centers for placing equipment mining
There are many companies that offer to place mining equipment

Also we can help with the sale of your equipment at retail. We have customers who want to buy equipment on pre-order, but there are customers who want to buy it right away. If you are investing money in equipment today for pre-order and receive it in two months, then for a certain commission we can sell this equipment. We have a database of customers who are ready to buy in any month from us at a retail price: you do not have to think about how you will implement it, run to look for buyers or post ads on websites.