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What is the Platform

Involve is the primary crypto stage that is made for versatile applications which connect with into relationship of all gatherings of the market of portable applications, for example, the clients, designers, and speculators. Involve is the task enlivened by the advanced patterns, for example, development of the versatile market, robotization and the crypto economy.

What is the Platform?

Involve is the first crypto platform for mobile apps which engages into relationship all parties of the market of mobile apps: users, developers and investors. Involve is the project inspired by the modern trends such as, growth of mobile market, robotization, crypto economy.

Platform ecosystem Involve also will enable practically unlimited number of users to mine ICoin on a daily basis, i.e. creating a mining pull, which power will be the number of time currently spending in the apps on our platform. 

Our platform is based on the principle stating that everyone has equal rights. Occasionally, we will list number of games able for crowdfunding and gamers will choose which they prefer.  Involve is a web digital, suburbanised blockchain system that works to bring acquainted individuals along as some way to supply them mobile apps to use themselves through earnings within the kind of rewards.

On the positioning, users receive coin rewards for the time they pay on a selected App.  The coin to be used on the platform can endure correct mining adhering to the Proof-of-time protocol, among the blockchain systems. Users will commit to either earn as full time or part-time participants.

Market Overview

To comprehend the reasons and things that rouse them to make Involve, they have to watch the insights and market estimates. Robot and mechanization change the activity showcase. They all stress over robots that assume control most employments sooner rather than later.

They have seen mechanized autos and retail locations without human work.Global market amusement advertises 2017 The biggest piece of the world is controlled by Google Play and the App Store. They are the biggest developing business sector restraining infrastructure. 

Both achieve billions of downloads every year. The numbers are noteworthy and demonstrate that the business is being dashed.

Involve Features

  • The platform plans to efficiently carry out its mandate by providing the users with the following tools;
  • The Involve platform App that they can download free of charge with unlimited access to all forms of applications.
  • ICoin as a reward for on platform game players
  • A Cryptowallet to store the ICoin earnings
  • An advertising ecosystem for advertisers without intermediaries
  • IToken for platform membership and secure distribution of profits
  • Voting rights for everyone to participate in decision making.
  • Ethereum token sale algorithm for ICO purposes.


Involve platform will take 10% commission from all games and in-game revenue compared to 30% that developers usually pay to Google Play or App Store. On top of that, we will proceed faster payout compared to 60 days in Google Play and App Store.

Involve Tokens Details

  • Token SymbolIQO Token
  • Token Sale StartJuly 2018Token Sale
  • EndsSeptember 2018Token
  • Price0.01 USD = 1 IToken
  • Total  Supply3.5 Billion
  • Soft Cap10 Million
  • Hard Cap30 Million

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