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WINiota is the decentralized Tangle

WINiota is the first decentralized third generation blockchain sports betting and casino platform. It makes use of the iota Tangle technology, actually being one step ahead of other blockchain casinos. This is because it has come up with the first playable application using iota flash channels.

What it is

WINiota is in essence developing a community driven, on-tangle and probably fair casino and artificial intelligence which will go a long way in enhancing the sports betting platform. The company aims at being a global leader in the ground-breaking decentralized gaming and betting industry. This is because it focuses on transparency and fairness in its technology.

Key Features

It is the first in the online gambling industry to use iota flash channel enabling nearly instant transactions.

  • No hot wallet: WINiota is setting up a community driven platform with a wide variety of probably fair casino games. These will be programmed in such a way that they will assist iota flash channels, leading to super-fast transactions that will not be hot wallet. Any wins will be transferred directly into the player’s wallet.
  • Zero-fee payment solution: this opens the WINiota players’ community to micro stake as well as high rollers alike.
  • Community focused: another key feature of WINiota is that the community will be rewarded in a probably fair weekly raffle whereby half of the generated revenues will be raffled off to WIT holders. Additionally, WINiota will fortify the community by permitting them to vote on the proposed strategic changes like shifts of aims as well as goals or fundamental structural changes.
  • Live sports betting powered by artificial intelligence: WINiota’s decentralized sports betting offer will include a fresh approach, which will offer an innovative arsenal of pre-match as well as live sports bets on the basis of IOT sensor data built into tennis rackets, footballs among others. The live betting model will facilitate artificial intelligence using the latest deep neural network technology to further enhance the accuracy of odds offered.
  • White labels: white label solutions for marketers will be offered to further monetize WINiota’s casino games and AI enhanced sports betting technology.

Token Details

  • WHITELIST15 MAY 2018 – 30 JUN 2018
  • PRE SALE1 JUN 2018 – 1 JUL 2018 (1.0 ETH = 22000.0 WIT)
  • PUBLIC SALE1 JUL 2018 – 1 AUG 2018 (1.0 ETH = 22000.0 WIT)
  • SOFT CAP2,400 ETH
  • HARD CAP24,000 ETH
  • TOTAL TOKENS1,000,000,000

 WIT Token

The power behind WINiota is the decentralized Tangle as well as the WINiota Token (WIT). The latter will be used for several utility privileges within the WINiota ecosystem. In the first stage, WIT will be released based on the ERC-20 token standard. In the second stage, (Q3 2018), WINiota will initiate a 1:1 ration token swap in order to base all WIT tokens on-tangle with utility functions.

WINiota has also set a hardcap of raising 24,000 ETH for its ICO, with the number looking very realistic and obtainable. In many ways, setting a low cap guarantees better returns on contribution, thus making WINiota an interesting startup to take part in.

 Bounty Campaign

  1. TELEGRAM Moderation – 2% – Join – Participants table
  2. Airdrop & Referral – 7% – Join – Participants table
  3. Instagram – 4% – Join – Members table
  4. Facebook – 14% – Join – Members table
  5. Translation – 5% – Join – Participants table
  6. Signature – 21% – Join – Participants table
  7. Reddit – 16% – Join – Members table
  8. Twitter – 14% – Join – Members table
  9. Content – 16% – Join – Member Table

Team Members

  1. Shane O’NeilCo Founder, CEO.
  2. Friedrich EndlicherCo Founder, CTO.
  3. Bastian FritscheCo Founder, CFO.
  4. Pontus PerssonHead of User Experience Lead.
  5. Karen MarešHead of Game DesignAnton NatarovFull stack developer.
  6. Scott MalsburyHead of Communications.
  7. Shalini WoodHead of PR & Community Management and others.

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