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How to withdraw Bitcoin Cash from a cold wallet Ledger on the exchange Bitrix

This manual is suitable for replenishment of any exchanges that support the new BCC coin. Previously, we have done a review of Bitcoin Cash and its prospects.

Bitcoin app for Cash Ledger

To withdraw Cash from the Bitcoin Ledger Nano’s, you must first put the application in a Ledger Manager. If this is not done and try to send Bitcoin Cash, using a standard application in Ledger Bitcoin Wallet, in the last step you will see the message “Error confirmation of transaction“.

Launch the installed application Bitcoin Cash in your wallet and select the Bitcoin blockchain Cash. Next, you need to select the MAIN (if you got Bitcoin Cash after the division of c Bitcoin), or SPLIT for replenishment (in this chain there are other non-overlapping address with the old bloccano BTC).

The choice of replenishment on the stock exchange Bitrix

Choose replenishment Bitcoin Cash (for example, on the exchange Bitrix).

The translation result:

sold Bitcoin Cash

First Bitcoin Cash will go to PENDING and then after 6(!) confirmations will be credited to your balance (it took me about 3-4 hours to enroll). This is due to the fact that at the time of writing the blocks were about every hour. This is a very long time compared to the usual Bitcoin (10 minutes per block).