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How to withdraw bitcoins to kiwi?

Bitcoin is certainly one of the most popular types of cryptocurrency, but they still can not pay in most stores. But you can get Fiat money, for example, through kiwi.

bitcoins to kiwi

By the way, this system actively lobbying ALL, so in most cases, the translation is quite favorable, and the speed of transactions makes us glad.

The Commission of the exchange through the exchange

Most of the owners of the cryptocurrency to say that you can transfer money through the stock exchange, is not necessary. This is the oldest method, which sometimes also gives the opportunity to make good money on the fluctuations of the course. But many people do not like it for a number of reasons:

  1. The risk of losing money. The exchange rate does not always change in a favorable way for the user. The exchanger, for example, is more convenient in this regard, because many fix the rate at the time of the transaction. In addition, the course they have in any case more stable.
  2. Commission. At the exchange it is often quite high. So it is worth using this method if you have a lot of cryptocurrency.
  3. Security problem. If you select weak or young stock exchange, it is possible to lose money. Bitcoin is vulnerable to the theft of cryptocurrency, it is difficult to prove. And in the history of VTS there have been cases when the service was hacked. Of course, the exchanger can also be attacked, but the risks are still much less. In addition, there is a slightly different mechanics of translation.

Thus, the exchange is a good option for exchange, through it you can withdraw money at any time, the site always works. In addition, you are invited to choose a convenient course, it is possible to make good money. But risks must also be taken into account.

Exchanger as a method of outputting MTC on the Kiwi

Since directly from the wallet there is no way to withdraw money to the kiwi, the majority refers to the exchangers. To start is to learn the actual rate.

In relation to such a currency as bitcoin, it is always relevant, because otherwise you may lose money.

Most miners and just people who have chosen bitcoin as a way of investing money or as a means of payment, there is at least one service that shows the current exchange rate of the PTS. But in General, it is desirable to pick up a few, so that there are no problems, for example: the site does not work or gives incorrect values. And the fact that the exchange rate is different on different exchanges, even at the same time, do not need to talk separately.

So, after you have become aware of the latest data, you need to know which exchanger is now giving the best price. To do this, you can go to BestChange, where always the latest information.

Here you can see reserves of the exchanger, on what conditions the service works (automatically, semi-automatically, fixes the exchange rate or not).

Some owners of bitcoins say that they choose to withdraw the currency with reliable services. Even if the exchange is not offered at the best rate at the time, most of these sites still work with the encouragement of regular users. Accumulated discount, there are other bonuses.

But on the new exchanger you need to register, specify the data of the wallet, constantly check everything. And to do it every time. And at the constant you get an accelerated currency exchange, which is very convenient. In addition, a proven site – an excellent guarantee.

Overview of the best exchangers

Experienced miners repeatedly mention that it is necessary to make lists: exchanges, all kinds of useful resources, calculators. And exchangers, of course. These things save a lot of time. So, if you need to urgently make currency exchange, you can not look for the best:

  1. -excellent service, semi-automatic withdrawal. Applications are processed manually, but around the clock, there is a Kiwi direction, supported and many other options. The minimum rate is 0.005 BTC, 3 dollars and 250 rubles depending on the currency. Registration is optional, but then you lose the cumulative discounts, as well as have to constantly specify the data of the wallet.
  2. If you are worried that it will not be possible to bring Satoshi, then you will approach the site The minimum bet is 0.001 bitcoins, which is quite a bit. You will need to enter only the address of the wallet and e-mail, and then wait for the arrival of money for Kiwi. It’s pretty simple. The exchange takes place automatically.
  3. Another good option – Netex24. Regularly included in the various lists of the most profitable exchangers. The transfer is instantaneous, in addition to the wallet, you will need to specify a mobile phone number. But there is a concern about safety.
  4. WW-pay-exchanger with instant transaction, with a careful study of the site it becomes clear that the wait will actually have somewhere from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the workload. Pretty good rate, no phone needed, just mail and wallet. A very large number of destinations.
  5. 365cash project with good reputation through which it has been more than $ 12 million. Requires only wallet and mail, you can make an exchange without registration, but then you will not get bonus. Works in semi-automatic mode, but it seems to be quite fast, judging by the reviews.

How exactly is the exchange going?

The algorithm is more or less common for all exchangers, so it was taken in a separate unit. So, after selecting a particular site you need to find out whether it requires registration.

Exchange bitcoin to kiwi

But in General the process usually takes an average of 5 minutes, but regular customers rely savings discounts and different bonuses. After that, the resource forms a bitcoin address, where your money will go. And in return receive a Kiwi. Do not forget about the need for confirmation, their exact number depends on where you have stored the PTS. On average, now takes 2, which takes about 20 minutes. The main time is spent on waiting.

It is important that the Internet is stable during the exchange process. Otherwise, sometimes a new bitcoin address is formed, and the application does not pass. Then you need to write to the operator to deal with everything manually, even if it is an automatic exchanger.