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World Wi-Fi – free decentralized Wi-Fi network powered by blockchein

Their platforms use technology that collects and analyzes the customer’s personal data and gives it to advertisers, which is their target audience, which is very profitable. Blockchain technology will make it possible to enter into agreements between the parties involved in nedorogo and ensure that the parties have no collateral together, using smart contracts.

World WiFi

Another important advantage is that blockchain also gives advertisers reliable and transparent information about the advertising campaigns they are performing.

Project objective

World Wi-Fi is a decentralized free network that operates around the world. Its main members are ordinary people who wish to give away your Internet for a certain amount of money.

Let’s show how it works:

  • the user installs a special application and begins to distribute the Internet to everyone. For each connection, he gets a fixed amount, which gives him the opportunity to earn money, while doing a good job;
  • everyone will be able to connect to the free network. And to begin to fully use the free Internet, just view a short promotional video.

As you may have noticed, by giving away free Internet, the connected user views the ad, the money for which is received by the one who opens the access.


There are two types of entities in the platform:

  • Advertisers who pay money to run ads before they start using the Internet.
  • The owners of the routers, who have decided to give away free Internet.

Wi fi

The rest of the subjects are people who use the free Internet and watch commercials.

The number of free networks around the world every day begins to grow inexorably, which makes the world Wi-Fi platform so interesting among many users.

The distribution of tokens

  1. 5% is allocated to the development team;
  2. 33% of funds will be allocated for large-scale crowdsale;
  3. 10% of cryptocurrency is allocated for pre-sales;
  4. 2% is allocated for carrying out large-scale bounty company;
  5. 3% will be paid to the advisers;
  6. 7% is allocated to the team-founders of the project;
  7. 40% goes to the Fund for future development.

Demo version

Demo version is available and available for evaluation. The primary market for World Wireless Internet access is on the internet advertising market to residential broadband internet access users via WiFi. Today is a huge niche market with a small number of competitors.


From existing projects Adrenta and Wi-Fi Radius focused on Wi-Fi advertising in public areas. To date, the Adrenta network accounts for more than 14 thousand open networks and more than 100 franchise partners.

WiFi Radius — the company operates in 80 cities and has more than 200 employees. The increase in the number of their Wi-Fi access points by 2017 is 784%.

Token Sale

  1. Token: WeToken.
  2. Total tokens issued: 600,000,000 WT.
  3. Number of tokens available for sale: 258 000 000 WT.
  4. Pre-sale: November 28, 2017–23 January 2018.
  5. Primary Sale: January 25, 2018–25 February 2018.
  6. Pre-Sales 10% of total token sold, or 60,000 000 WT.
  7. Token Sale 33% of total token sold, or 198,000 000 WT.
  8. Bounty 12 000 000 WT (2%) ~ 1.2mln USD.
  9. Price: 1 WeToken = 0.1 USD.

How to participate in ICO

Now to take part in the ICO is not difficult, it is enough to buy tokens at an early stage at a discount. The company provides an excellent discount, thanks to which everyone can significantly save their money and get a token, which over time will only grow in price.

That the platform has just begun its development and the cost of the token is now kept at a minimum level. And with all confidence we can say that in a few months the cost will increase several times.

Road map World Wi-Fi

Looks like a road map World, Wi-Fi in the following way:

  • 2017 – 03. 2018. Project development.
  • 03-04. 2018. Completes activities in kruusila.
  • 2018. Tokens are added to the world’s most popular exchanges.
  • 05-06. 2018. Free Internet is provided to the most populated regions.
  • 2018. It creates SOFTWARE that allows you to transfer the Internet and run commercials.
  • 08-12 2018. Start starts an advertising campaign to raise funds for the launch of the project.

Road map


World Wi-Fi is an interesting project that has already started and has proved its effectiveness in practice. Therefore, we can safely say that every month its influence will only increase. Here is an example: in just one month the number of distributing free Internet increased by 798%! Imagine, and this project is not yet working at its full capacity.

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