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Zero Carbon Project

Zero Carbon Project is tackling climate change using the blockchain and international carbon credits. Renewable energy has responded well to the challenge but its impact has been too small and too slow. It can deliver a quicker reduction of carbon emissions by beating both renewable energy and fossil fuels contracts on price.

As the catalyst for change, the project has created a blockchain-driven economy providing meaningful reward-based Energis token incentives to drive consumer action. The Zero Carbon Project is a subsidiary of Beond which is an award-winning energy and carbon consultancy based in London.

Introducing Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon was built with the purpose to tackle climate changes which occur as a result of carbon emission by facilitating the mass adoption of renewable energy source at a cheap price and connecting various specialists relating to climate and energy researches to support this purpose all through the use of blockchain technology.

Zero Carbon platform intends to reduce this carbon emissions to the lowest possible by firstly employing international carbon credits which will be given to certain suppliers of zero carbon energy and will be used to compete with energy resulting in carbon emissions. This competition will lead to some loss for the counterparts who will in turn result in the appreciable dropping of the cost of renewable energy and fossil fuels. Then through the online platform, customers are connected to suppliers whose offer meets their needs and the clean energy is purchased, all with the backing of blockchain.

About the Project

The Zero Carbon Project consists of two parts. The first part of our solution consists of a competitive ‘Zero Carbon Market’ which provides consumers access to cheaper energy contracts where the carbon emissions have been offset by international carbon credits. The second part is based on Energis tokens that have been designed to capture the future value that customers receive from the Market. This is enabled using the distributed ledger, Ethereum smart contracts, and crypto exchanges.

Energis tokens are underpinned by concrete value as energy suppliers must use them to pay their transaction fees for using the Market. Energy suppliers and consumers can sell Energis tokens to other customers, including energy suppliers who purchase them to pay transaction fees. This is the Energis economic cycle.

Detail ICO

Symbol: NRG.

Sector Platform: Ethereum.

Token Type: ERC20.

Start Date: Jun 18, 2018.

End Date: Sep 18, 2018.

Country: United-Kingdom.

Payment Method: ETH.

Start Price: 1 NRG = 0.2 USD.

Total Supply: 121,330,000.

Goal: 20,000,000 USD.

Capital funding

Zero Carbon enables energy producers to receive capital for their projects on green energy by offering them the tool to issue their own tokens, so investors can have instant access to energy that is yet to be generated.
Tokens for the future

Each token generated through Zero Carbon represents a fund for energy that will be delivered at some point in the future by the developer. Investors will get the chance to review the totality of the project and they‘ll have the choice to back up whoever they feel has the most solid offering.


The tokenization of energy that has yet to be produced will offer funding and liquidity to producers. The delivery of these funds through smart contracts is a guarantee that the money they get will be used strictly only to develop a new source of renewable energy.

In conclusion, the Zero Carbon platform solves a real life problem that ails the world and causes various illness while giving opportunity to customers to earn money while using the platform.

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